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Animal print leggings are arguably one of the hottest trends at the moment, but is it a trend you would wear or not really? Check out Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens embracing this trend below, and let us know if you think animal print leggings are Hot or Not?


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Too showy for my taste.
I really like Mileys look in a tee shirt with the animal printed leggings tucked in her boots! I can't really tell how Vanessa looks in her photo. She has her shoes off! I think I will try this look in both boots and high heels. Vicki Owens 
stay away from this look if you have thick thighs, instead try animal print boots or shoes with opague animal print tights and a long tunic....

im completely with you

only hot if they're real fur.  those girls all look cheap
EWWWW. so a NOT. that was so last year, i think we should all go look at my profile and notice MY FASHION SENSE.
I don't follow trends.
this type of look is on "hot" if you have the right body type and know how to make it work for you most people would wear high heels or boots with these leggings and a baggy shirt but there are really only certain body types that can pull this off :)
Pfft. Leggings. I were rubbishbags. if you cut holes in the bottom, their really pretty!!!!1!!one!! ;)
Eww, Miley Cyrus. :(
They both look like they should be working a street corner.
no, not really



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