This season it's all about boho hippie fashion, therefore, it's no surprise that the boho skirt is making a come-back!! You can dress it up for a night on the town or even dress it down with some cute flats or sandals for a day at the beach. Check out our favorite fashionista, Vanessa Hudgens below as she rocks the look! What do you guys think of this look?

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I've always wanted to dye my hair some crazy colour like pink or blue or even funky streaks but I have natural red hair and I just can't give it up.
When I was like really little I wanted to dye my hair black!! That would look ridiculous on me hahaha. My mom would always laugh when I said that and I didn't get it.
Try dying it with Kool-aid or Food colouring if you want to die it temporarily!
Thanks for the tip Destiny but I think that my hair is too dark to do that :\
If it was blonde or something maybe, but I think that would only work if I wanted to like take all the food colourings or kool aids and have it just be some weird dark colour that doesn't look nice at all.
Thank you for the idea though! :D
Hey try dying it with temporal paint for hair i think they sell it in claire's lol
Thanks Michaela, I'll have to look in Claire's next time I'm in the mall :]

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I honestly dont like this look.
I honestly dont like this look.
Why not wear the boho skirt! I already wear the long colorful summer light weight dresses. So why not take it one step further and get a boho skirt and let my blonde hair go and go boho all the way! A big decision huh? Vicki 
The Boho look and turning it into a Fall/Winter look,  long skirts are so complimentary to many figures, the key is what top you wear and what accessories you use,  if you are full in the hips a Boho skirt looks awesome just remember a slimming top, low key accessories and flat or low heeled shoes..... accessories might be "just a killer pair of earrings" dont go overboard!!! keep it simple, keep it clean line, and you will look stunning, kk
i have like 5 of these, theyre adorable



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