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Hi :)

Hi, Im Ally, which is short for Alexandra, i hate that name, but whatcanyado? I'm 13 and am not your average girl, trust me ;). ha...so, i love to sing and dance, play gutiar, play piano,write short stories and novels,and photography. I also model.…


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Hey :) !!

Add Me :

Facebook : Samuel Richard ^^

Twitter : Wouarf ( Samuel Richard ) 

Ark Music Factory : You already know it :)

I can't remember my Youtube Acount so if you want it just ask me I gonna search a little :)


Have a nice day little monster :)

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Good Luck Everyone on Ark!

Hi everyone! I just want to say good luck on the contest and thank you for making Ark Music Factory the best place it can be! Keep checking out my profile and new photos and videos!

Have an awesome week! :)


-hanna hunt <3


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Check it out!

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Disneys Duets! (found)



***Original Post***


I'm looking for someone who wants to sing the part of the Beast in "Something There" from Beauty and the Beast for a short video that I will post on my profile.  Just inbox me with an .aif file of you singing and a link to the photo you would like me to use in the video.  If you would be up for recording another video for "If I Never Knew You" and/or "A Whole New World" be sure to let…


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Top 5 Selling Singles at Popcuts Music Store Online | April 20 2011

 The Top 5 Selling Singles for April 20, 2011 at Popcuts Music Store Online -- NO. 5 - "Darkness.Darkness by Morningside Lane, " NO. 4 - "Comin' Down by Robert Lee," NO. 3 - "Outta Control by Ryan Pugal," NO. 2 - "You Said You Love Me by Antidoe," NO.1- "Bad Dog by Ryan Pugal" Download these songs from Popcuts and earn money from purchases made after you. Visit Popcuts.com for more detail and information. To Read this whole Press Release Click HERE. …


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Poetry is an ugly child dressed-up, made-up, and spray-tanned by its awful parents for the pageant circuit.


I tear off her covers and she blinks into my gilded sneer. She is obedient to the frills, the mascara brushes, the curling iron. The epitome of coif and poise, she will lose. Not miserably, but enough to invoke the judgment of the orange-skinned, fork-tongued moms in heat. My palm cracks across her face. Blonde extensions fall to the ground, bits of…


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Feel it

Move it

Push it

Through Your Soul

This is who you are

This is what you feel

This is you, you, you

It's who you are

It's in your soul

It's everywhere that you go

It's time to open up

It's time to sing yourself

And nobody else

Can tell you no

And noone can tear you down

If this is really who you are

Then let it all out

This is…


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Turn Up Lyrics

Hittin the clubs

With all my girls

Tryin to find

The one that can

Turn up the beat 

Turn Up the beat

DJ hear me

Turn up the beat

Drop The bass down

Crazy in the club



Turn up the heat

Turn up the beat

Turn down the bass

Then hit the floor with me

Turn up the noise

Drop it down


Dancin so wild

Party like New Years

Crazy til…


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Contradictions Lyrics

No more world

No place to go


No more love

No more wars to fight


No more thoughts

No more anyone


No more life

No more graves to dig


Now tell me

Do you want to live

In a world

All alone by yourself

Or do you

Want to get even

On the world

That you knocked down

All alone

Nobody to fight


Always night

The moon casts…


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Stupid Cameras

My camera just broke as soon as i was a bought to make a video. dumb electronics

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Hi guys I love everything about music. I have been in many musical theatre plays at lifesong studio. I consider thrm as my family.


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I love Ark Music Factory!

Any way i could sing  for you?(:

Added by Kelsi Nichole Barber on April 23, 2011 at 4:22pm — No Comments


A Questionable View of History and Pop Culture through the Lens of My Name



Deluge from the thighs of a Russian peasant

(pressed against the stone of Heidelberger Schloss)

Infiltrated by covert Mongoloid

His jaundice skulks beneath my skin


Auburn coils ratatapping across the alps—

Teutonic whine setting beauty standards—

(Depending on the reader’s age)

Coughing out a bigband…


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Ahh, the perfect fit. The right size shoes, the hat that isn't to big or too small, the watch that doesn't slide off your wrist and hand. The perfect fit. We take into consideration the size of things on a daily basis. We've become so accustomed to mental measurements that it seems as normal as well, breathing. Making sure that something fits our body correctly is an essential part…


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Breathing is harder without you by micaela wilkerson

Breathing is harder without you


love is just a state of mind…


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Song, "winter" by micaela wilkerson




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Now it is easter hollyday! Jagoda is in Poland and I are home. Or not exactly home.. I are in Bergen. It is  have been sun all days in this week! On Monday I drawing home from the Hollyday.

XOXO Maria

Added by Maria Roudak Jagoda Dobrowolska on April 23, 2011 at 6:16am — No Comments

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