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The reason why i want to talk about youtube. Is b/c all of my friends who sing and they arent very good are trying to put videos of themselves on there so that they can be like Justin Bieber. Aunistly I think that they shouldnt do that ive done that once and no one comented so if no one coments then you aren't good. But they wont listen to me so I guess I will just let them do what they want to do and if no one likes…


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A dream

Hi, I'm just another girl with dreams in her mind, with a great passion in music and that would give everything if she had a simply opportunity of tell to the world what is the thing for she was borned: sing, sing and sing.

Maybe is just a dream, maybe is just a fantasy but I know I will do all I can and I want you to know.

Greats :)


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I wanna be a star

While I make my videos soon please support me while I be annoying about being famous but seriously we tried looking for agents and they want 1000 dollars from us! So If I make a video please put nice comments that'll make me feel better.

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CFOUR - The Legacy Begins (Mixtape)

CFOUR - The Legacy Begins @CFO4R

Featuring: STARSKI, MIC-C



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Listen to my New songs,Thumbs up me,Comment my things && Ill love you for ever! <3

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Whoo Kidd/Dj Dow Jones/BDJ Records - Sacrifice (Mixtape)

Whoo Kidd/Dj Dow Jones/BDJ Records - Sacrifice @BerrisSmith | Mixed by @djdowjones



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Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 172 - Hosted By Kid Ink | Mixed By DJ iLL WiLL

Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 172 - Hosted By Kid Ink @Kid_Ink | Mixed by @deejayillwill

Featuring: Kid Ink, Ace Hood, Killa Kyleon, Tory Lanez, Los, Dorrough Music, Sean Brown, Kafani, Ty$, Audio Push, Phreshy Duzit, Bei Major, Litombe & Tex, iLLA, Mistah FAB, Bobby Brackins, J.Rob, Sixluv, OTS, 4-4 Cannon, Yung Blaze, Julius,…

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How NOT to write a song

1. Have no real instruments, like guitar or piano.

2. Autotune.

3. Not think about the lyrics. They ARE the song!

4. Not think about the musical structure, intrumental, chords, harmony, tune, etc. That IS the song!

5. Have the singer be a twelve year old, inexperienced girl who will pay you loads.


Once you have cleared up these problems, Ark, you will be more popular, guarrentied!

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sitting on the couch

nerdy boy doesnt talk he raps he gets in the water and lap write down my lyrics you hear it my rapping is a hobby its not polatiesi stay at home and a chill with the hottie

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the kid keeps it jumpin you brothers dont no nothin i keep a girl shaky like i am blowing up pumkin its that dude that dont say it leav the mad lids at floor because i am just a rapper why wpould want more

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new rap

i can be nerdy but also flirty at school kids would call me a terdy i am a dancing kid i wont drop the lid cause u should remmeber i am a the nerdy kid

- nerdy boy/ chase williams

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Coast 2 Coast Magazine Issue #17 - DJ Epps, DJ Ill Will, DJ Whoo Kid, Kid Ink & more!

The all new issue of Coast 2 Coast Magazine features exclusive interviews with DJ Epps, DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Ill Will, Kid Ink, DJ N.O.E., and more! Also our regular departments: Producers' Corner, Get Your Buzz Up, New Industry Tips, Coast 2 Coast Model feature Ashleigh Hue, and more!…


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Dance to the beat

Can you feel the rhythmCan you move your feetEveryone get up and dance to the beat

Get up and move your bodyTill you can't move no moreEveryone get up and move to the floor

This place is heating up I'm about to explodeLets all get on the dance floorLet it take control

The music is my fireAnd I am the coalLet the rhythm move youTill you lose control

Let the music change your worldLet it hypnotizeThe beat will change thevision of you very eyes

Your visions getting blurryAnd…


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im ur pet


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Tell Me - by Brianna Tuttle

As Im walking down the street.

My smile creeps upto my cheeks.

And Im thinkin' bout all of our memories.

What I do for you, and what you do for me.


And I know, this is…


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Some things bout ME!

Hey everyone, my nam eis allisia. i love to sing but i've always been to scared to post on youtube so i thought since almost all the people on here are singing and posting then i shld to. i love music so much. i dont care how bad i sing i just do it haha. i like almost every kind of music. i like to take questions and dares haha i lov crazy fun like that. Well if you want to learn more add me as a friend and… Continue

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Nappy Boy & Tay Dizm REMIXtape Contest - Get your song REMIXED by Nappy Boy's Tay Dizm & T-Pain!


Coast 2 Coast has teamed with Nappy Boy Digital to provide artists a opportunity to record with Nappy…

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I Wrote Two Songs For Ark Today One Called Tik Tok The Other Called My Moment Hope They Make It To Be Songs Or Demos :).

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the meaning of us

Perfect heart, purest soul, slighty tainted beyond control

Body young mind so old

Tired and weary, drooping and dreary

Sits there and thinks of me, in a room all alone this is my…


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