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About Me =)

I am 15 years old, soon turning 16. I live in New York and want to become a singer/actress. I have written some songs, and had a small band with my friends but that didn't work out. I am in Drama Club at my school and have been in the musicals Honk!, The Music Man, Damn Yankees, and played one of the… Continue

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Ark Music Factory

Ark seems like a great record company to contact to make your dreams come true(: I hope they notice me!

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i already have a blog


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Little bit about me

Hey everybody I'm Danielle Shorkey and my dream is to be a singer. Every since I was little I have sang and people say I'm good, well I would hope I am if that was my dream lol. Well this is my first time posting something on my blog thing so yeah. I'm going to post some videos of me singing stuff tomorrow so be on the look out. I am going to be singing songs by other people and I might sing one of my own. Well that's pretty much it. Thanks bye.

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i wish someone or a record label would here me sing,

its my dream to become a singer,

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My life...!

Hello, my name is Dakota, but some people call me Kody. I was born in Bryan, Ohio on october 8th 1996 to Timothy and Rebecca Mavis. My mom told me that when I was little I loved sleeping anywhere I droped. :p     I also got into the cabinets and threw away caned-goods and the ketchup bottles. When I turned 5 I leared how to swim or maybe I think it was 4 all I know is that I loved it. When I was…


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Hey guys....

My name is LeeAnn (I'm new to this site) and this is me:

I've always wanted to be a singer and I figured this would be a good place to start.

I have videos of me singing on my YouTube.... It's and there's a few on…


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Hey, everyone. Will have some songs posted soon.. Going to Jeff Dunham :)

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how can you be an artist at ark? :)

how can you be an artist at ark? :)


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hey guys if you would like to hear more of my music and sining go to, thanks :)

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you give me butterflies deep inside

you give me butterflies , I dont know what to doooo without you <3

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My Dreams

I started this music  journey professionally at 13/12 14 years old.. I have  been on tv, music shows on film and in movies and I am getting ready for 2 BIG shows this summer and a mini all female tour. I look forward to meeting all the people that like my music and to bring respect back to my music genre. -Imani Kairee

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Follow your Dreams

I like Friday.. and i think people like it because they can relate to it.. Just a fun talented girl who is having a great time.. You will hear this all over the radio this summer!..Congrats to Ark Music Factory and Rebecca Black!!!

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Hey im Taylah check out my youtube video   : singlivedance123   its my first one so its a bit rusty but yeah ill get there, haha :P xx     <3 T

Hey im Taylah check out my youtube video


: singlivedance123


its my first one so its a bit rusty but yeah ill get there, haha :P…


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Rebecca Black

Why does everyone hate Rebecca Black ? I mean i dont understand .
Comment if you know why or voice your own opinion . Thanks :D !

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Waiting for info

My life is very exciting right now. a lot of open ended oppertunities....

I am ambitiously trying to pursue my dream in being an actress and singer.

I currently have 2 pending auditions, and i am auditioning for a third. and i am really excited abut that. though one of them is for modeling. But this is the first successful company that i have heard of, so i thought: what the heck!!! so now i am waiting for the company to email me back with the information!




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i'm new here! anyone want a back up dancer or choreographer?? i'm your girl!!

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New to ARK

I'm sitting here trying to figure out the perfect way to describe what it is I want from ARK.


I love music. I adore it. It is worshiped, adored, and infatuated to the brink of human endurance. Seeing some of the talent on this site makes me..concerned for it.


I don't wish to disrespect ARK in any way, but seeing the attention it's garnered has me worried that they don't know what to exactly do. They have a lot of talent on their hands, but it's being masked in…


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Im so happy i always wanted to be a singer i always sang at school plays i sing everyday non stop now finally its my time to shine wish me luck!!

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how to become

how do I become one of the artist, I really want to be published and my parents are willing to pay any amount of money for it! if ark or anyone who knows about this could contact me, that would be great!:)


I was in honors chorus so I think I can sing!

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Post your comments here: Lexi St. George - Dancing to the Rhythm



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