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im board im at my grandparents house my friend wont call or chat me and i want a frient to talk to waaaa i hate today

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Who is Vegas_Princess?

Her real name is Destinee. She loves to sing, dance, and act. When she was 6, she tried out for a summer music camp called YPI. It was 8 and up, but they let her in because of her talent. When just 8 years old, she fell in love with the piano. She played by ear for about a year. When she started her new school COVA, she took piano classes at school. Her school is a performing arts school that has a lot of music programs, while having the academics of a regular school. She loves music and she…


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All About Me!!!

Hello people. This is my page and if you want to find some things about me just use my email:

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I am true to myself, and music is my passion. I sing for those that i love, which would be my one and only Daniel Glazewski. 

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one of my songs. my version of 'JEALOUS' by jasmine villegas. ♥ cant wait to record it. :D


Let’s see these games we played…


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Hello :)

Hey I am lady gaga I thought I should finally join the site everyone is talking about I felt left out lol. I heard about this site from rebecca black so I thought i should join :) when I joined I didn't know if I should lady gaga or stefani I thought lady gaga would be to like wow! but yeah I hope I can be friends with all you little monsters :)

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new songs coming.

been working on new song lyrics.

cant wait to post em up too see what yall think.

hope i get some good feed back…


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Sheena Margera.

hey im a song writer and a singer.

i make my own music. ♥


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First Day

So this is my first day on Ark, and it's pretty exciting. I can't wait to see who I will meet and where this will take me. I can't wait to post some videos of me singing and stuff. Wish me luck!! :)

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THE one i used to have feelings for</3!

You and i were very close friends... but now i don't have a clue what we are now.... 

You still mean a lot to me i hope you know that ... even though we don't talk much anymore you are still part of my heart.. we don't act like friends much at all... so it makes me wonder are we? You say we are, but why don't you talk to me... if we were friends you would probably,hopefully; talk to me more than you do.


you know the song someone like you by adele,   "never mind i'll…


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missing HIM!!

just can't bring myself to talk to him... don't know what to say...not sure what to do.... miss him so much, 

wondering does he think of me, i think of him all the time. even when he left he hurt a lot of people including me! but when he's back i think it hurts everyone more i guess. i wish he would just talk to me. should i wait for him to make the first move? should i wait? should i make the first move. Someone help me make a decision?

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for people who like to blog. haha!!!

hey it's me Saaim I am trying to get my profile set up but I just to busy with all this school work

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you left with my heart and now your back!? WTF i wish you never left! life would have been so much better with you here! and to have you here to talk to.. or at least i wish we could talk but i say something to you and now you ignore me?WTF you know what then I'm done take my heart with you and leave me alone! )": Sometimes i wish i never even started this website! like really WTF was i thinking? nothing thats right): you know i thought you were different! but i guess you really are not…


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good day (:

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JakeSongz - Thats How I Go (Cover)

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Looking to promote free musics

Hi all!  I've been looking for places to post my link so folks willfind my free music.  If this isn't an appropriate forum for that letme know.  You can find my music here . I made it royalty free andit's currently being used in about three-hundred videos on the web.Enjoy!
Taylor Hayward

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Dreams </3

   Never stop doing what you love if someone tells you to stop doing it don't listen, because you are the only one that can make up your disions, and if you don't like what your doing or if you think your not good at it, keep praticing and you'll get better.....


                       - Bella <3

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While I've Been Gone (original song)

you look In the mirror never satisfied

your eyes are sad in your dim Light

yOur heart hurts and you say "die on"

let somethin' bigger come in, a roaring lion

i left a couple days ago

didn't know if i'd return

i told myself he can take the blow

but i know it will burn

//(chorus)/ and while i'Ve beEn gone

he's been waiting

looking for a girl in need of saving

i ran to far awaY yOU looked too close to say



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