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lets talk bullying...

first of all its not right.. AT ALL..

last week a student from my school committed suicide off a bridge .. the cause was from being bullied so much. people honestly don't understand how much it actually effects someone... words hurt. you don't know what they are going through at home or anywhere.. and just by someone telling them mean words it makes it rough on them even more. stop bulling. NO H8. 

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honestly, I'm so lost with this.... lol. but heres a few things about myself c: 

im a retired cheerleader c:

i love mixed martial arts 

penguins are my favorite animal

my favorite color is purple

i love flowers c:

im 1 of 4 kids, 3 girls & one boy.

im 17! almost gonna be 18 <33

I'm weird, awkward, annoying, lovable, huggable, talkative, and solo many other things..

i go to a public school were everyone is judged by…


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