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Parents: What You Should Do to Keep Your Kids Safe

The simple answer to the question, "How do I keep my kids safe online?" is, "Get online." The only way to monitor your child's activities in cyberspace is to be there yourself, learning the venues they want to frequent, and educating yourself about the parental controls and safety protocols at your disposal.


1. Start early discussing Internet safety.


There are simply too many ways to access the Internet today for any parent to make the assumption they will be…


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Internet Safety for Kids

Internet Safety for Kids

Whether your children are on their computers at home or at school, there are six basic safety tips the Federal Bureau of Investigation emphasizes as essential for online activities.

1. Never, under any circumstances, give out private information.


Make sure your children understand what the phrase "private information" actually means. They must never reveal their name, home address, telephone number, or the name of their…


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Facebook Safety for Kids

How do parents keep their children safe on Facebook? By being on Facebook themselves. No single preventive measure trumps parental involvement. You should be the one to establish and to maintain your child's account, with a complete understanding of the site's security and privacy settings.


Set up your own account first. Learn the system. Make sure you are your child's "friend," and that you check their "wall" daily. This is simply the cyberspace equivalent of watching and…


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Chat Room Safety for Kids

Chat Room Safety for Kids

The only way a child is really completely safe in a chat room is not to be there at all. With the exception of Facebook chat -- and only then under strict guidelines -- do not let your children engage in this dangerous online behavior. Nowhere are child predators more likely to be lurking. They hide behind fake names, are skilled at speaking on a child's level, and are a constant danger.


The only reason Facebook chat is an option is your…


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