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Ark Forum Contest

So, I'm running a contest on my forum, which is part of my Ark Fansite.  I'm offering a prize of 4 months of banner ad rotation to your link choice for your promotion, priority featured member status, interview, and a blog post on here.  If enough people are active on the form, there is a chance for some even cooler prizes.  Who knows, maybe new prizes will be added before it's over, which is TBD :).


Ark Community Showcase… Continue

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Disneys Duets! (found)



***Original Post***


I'm looking for someone who wants to sing the part of the Beast in "Something There" from Beauty and the Beast for a short video that I will post on my profile.  Just inbox me with an .aif file of you singing and a link to the photo you would like me to use in the video.  If you would be up for recording another video for "If I Never Knew You" and/or "A Whole New World" be sure to let…


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Interview Questions

I would love it if the contest nominations could inbox me the answers to these interview questions as soon as possible.  I will release them on Ark Community Showcase once the voting starts.  So I would love to get as many if not all of you to reply.  Please do not comment me the answers but send them as an inbox message.  Thank you!


1. What your name/stage name?

2. How old are you?

3. Describe yourself in…


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Last night I went to the film festival with my boyfriend and we walked around after seeing what we could find in terms of dinner.  There really wasn't anything except high end shops. We passed by a Cartier and I mentioned to him that I personally think Cartier is better than Tiffany's... which was next door.  Later he joked about getting me something from there as a belated birthday gift.  Of course, even if he could afford it, I'm not in need of a $1k necklace no matter how pretty.  Despite…


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Mark Vital Contest

Mark has a contest going on and hopefully people will take notice.  He's an awesome guy, quite popular on this site, and he has a bunch of great tracks.  Now he's offering space on his profile to give you the extra bit of exposure!

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Worst Song of 2001

Before there was Rebecca Black, there was William Hung.  Way before William Hung, there was a 12 year old singer named Brittney Cleary (She went on to be signed by Jive Records with her name changed to Nikki.)  In 2001 the internet was buzzing about her digital hit about chatting online entitled "I.M. Me."  It was criticized for having terrible lyrics and references to popularly used acronyms.   The website which hosted the MP3 is now defunct and the song is not as easy to find anymore. …


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Spring Fashion

I'm absolutely crazy about Spring.  Not just because of the change in weather but because of the fashion.  It always means the arrival of bright colors, floral prints, and wedges.  Of course, it also means hours in front of the computer staring at the collections on dozens of clothing and department stores.  As if staring at long enough will make everything randomly appear in my closet.  Well, maybe it will happen.  One day.

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