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Ark Music Open Mic Signups

Hello everyone! Welcome to our 2nd weekly concert or Open Mic Night for Ark Music Factory! We tried the first week on tinychat; but that did not work out so well because of quality issues. I want to make sure everyone has the best experience and has the best time possible. So this time it will be held live on skype!


Skype is a voicechat program that has high quality and low latency. To download go to www.skype.com After you have it…


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Contest Winners week1

It was kind of hard selecting the first two winners that I wanted to feature, but here they are! This contest will run every week, so  if you want to enter a song; leave the comment on this blog post to enter for next week, This is the contest where if your music is good, I'll put it on my profile/blog so people can listen to it. :D




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CONTEST: Do you want your music heard? Do you want criticism and for people to know who you are?

Hey everyone! It's Ryan Robinson, or some might know me as xRyz. I am holding a contest for all artists and musicians to participate in. There will be winners once or twice every week!


So what is this contest? Basicly, if you are a nice member of the community, and you have music that you want to share to alot of people, you have a chance of getting it featured or put on my profile for everyone to hear! I am a pretty well known and respected guy in the Ark Music…


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Stop the Spam on Ark

You guys are going way to far with the spam, stop sending messages every 5 minutes to everyone on your friends list, no one wants to check out your videos if you are a person who doesn't care about the community and just tries to promote themself. :/


There is a contest, but I'm pretty sure ark isn't going to pick anybody that spams every 5 seconds "PICK ME FOR LA PICK ME FOR LA" -.- Come on guys.:(

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Post your comments here: Lexi St. George - Dancing to the Rhythm



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