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99 Truths

1. Full name: Tamera Renae Edley 

2. Nickname: Mera, Tamster, T.T

3. Zodiac Sign: capricorn

4. Male or female: female

5. Elementary School: Robert S. Payne

6. High School: Heritage :)

7. College: idk lol

8. Hair color: black

9. Tall or short: in between lol

10. Sweats or jeans: Jeans

12. Phone or Camera: Phone.

13. Health freak: yes AND no lol

14. Orange or Apple: Orange

15. Do you have a girlfriend/…


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No Friends On Here

This is just great.  My second day here, and I only have one friend on here.  Thank you, Clarissa.  No one else wants to be friends, and I know why.  It's because they don't care about new comers (like me).  If you want to be friends with me on here, like this blog or leave a comment below (besides Clarissa).  You better send me a friend request on here, or else!!!

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High School

Next year will not be easy.  My freshman year at Heritage High School will be even more difficult.  High school will be more dramatic than middle school.  A lot of drama will be happening next year.  Like dating, cheating, threatre, bullies, friends, relationships, etc.  It's not going to be easy for me.  If you graduated from high school or will be in your sophmore year in high school AND think that it's easy and not dramatic, like my blog or leave a comment below (I dare you).

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