Hey! I'm Ryan Pugh and I'm from Minnesota. I'm 15 years old and I produce music as a hobby and figured I'd branch out a little. My names pronounced like the sound effect from star wars. "Pew Pew" lol =). I'm more of a R&B/Soul kind of producer, but I can manage all types of music. I think I should be doing more Pop music =). I do use lyrics sometimes, but not that often, considering my voice is changing (dang puberty) and doesn't really sound good. I hate auto-tune, unless if it's from someone like T-Pain or Akon. I'm in a choir for church and it's really fun =D. You might be thinking "Oh he's only 15 his music can't sound good!!" Well after 3 years of music theory, piano experience for 4 and vocal music for 1, I say I'm pretty much set. What really bugs me though is the haters. I love them because they're actually supporting you in a way, but all the hate going towards people like Rebecca or Alana, is really unnecessary! I mean they could be doing this just for fun, I don't know why they're doing this but it's been a dream of many people to make a music video, or put out a single. Wow pretty mature for a teen huh? Quote from a hater "You can't be 15. You're music s**** and should be taken down for good, you're probably just some pedo trying to get little kids to prey on." after showing them a live video of me producing a track I haven't been bugged by that dude again! Inspirations to me are important. I'm inspired by people like Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Trey Songz, and Mike Kalombo (YouTube producer). That's a little about me! I'll post a track soon =)

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