Alternatives to Brass Knuckles

Pepper sprays are a popular alternative to brass knuckles. Their name is derived from the ingredient oleoresin of capsicum present in strengths of 5 to 18 percent. These sprays are available in gel, foam and mist forms, and have the effect of temporary blindness, tearing and coughing in the aggressor for up to 45 minutes. The disadvantages of these sprays include their limited range, generally 10 to 15 feet, and the need to spray the aggressor directly in the face.

Another alternative to brass Cheap Sunglasses knuckles is stun guns. These devices deliver an electric shock Oakley Vault Outlet Store between 65,000 and 125,000 volts upon contact with the skin. The aggressor experiences loss of balance and muscle control Oakley Sunglasses Wholesale for several minutes. One of the most popular stun guns is the taser. Other options include the knuckle blaster, which combines the Cheap Sunglasses physical damage of traditional brass knuckles with the electric shock of a stun gun. A license is required to carry stuns guns in some states, such as Florida. Other states, including Hawaii, have made possession illegal.

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