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a Close Study on Jordan Telecommunications Corporation

I want to bring my readers into the core of a Six Sigma implementation processed in Jordan, and would like to point them to a new success story from Jordan, the talk about Jordan Telecommunication Corporation, which later became a company, it was a Governmental department established more than many decades ago, the corporation has a comprehensive Infrastructure in the Communication field, since it is the only provider for all communications services; the corporation was incapable to cope with the great ever increasing demand for its services.

The waiting time for household telephone lines was consequently extended to several years, also for business, many business institutions were enforced to wait for several years, one of my friends has opened a shop in Marka North a suburb of Amman in 1984, but he discovered that he has to wait for unlimited time but after he spends a lot of money, he was lucky and got a line after waiting for 5 years, by that time he really had came to broke, thus shop was closed one year later.

Government nominated board of directors, a General Manager, and some assistants managed the corporation, there were no planning except some tables done by the General Manager assistants and sometimes technical drawing and or charts made upon their own sense of feeling, these in better cases, were seen by some of General Manager Assistants and colleagues.

The corporation was run on daily basis, there were no marketing efforts, the management philosophy in act was that: "keep things running with little claims", the management wasn't doing any customer's services except that little number of lines were allocated for services, there were no policy that cares with customers, instead the policy was caring to eliminate complaints, great efforts were exerted, but all was personal efforts, indicating personal diligence, and there was no similarity in forms and in processes applied in different sections and offices, in addition to a long march of routine signatures and multi documented processes. Even when a client needs to pay a bill, it was like a hill day, he might spend 1 3 hours just waiting on line.

Tariffs were cheap, (in comparison with current prices), many services were provided for free, but some tariffs were of high profit margin, especially International calls thus the corporation financial statements were in most cases shows deficit (especially when they have some extensions projects), thus the corporation was in endless shortage of funds.

Nike Free From the Government view, it was a suction pipe of funds, while from the technical point of view; it was great personal efforts, which shows distinct.

Nike Free Run 3 The Jordan Telecommunication, thus was a managerial crises for the Government

To cope with worldwide new telecommunication development associated with Information Technology, the government decided on privatization, but at this point it wasn't promising, since there are deficits in balance sheet and financial statements, Accordingly a five year plan was adopted this will make:

1 The corporation was changed to a Government owned company.

2 To improve the company earnings, this profitability, which makes it more seek able by key service providers.

3 Improving earnings will automatically mean improving the sale price of the corporation.

4 A gradual rate increase strategy has been adopted for 3 years, (as I remember), where rates were increased and units of services have been divided into smaller time units to maintain higher income for the corporation. Free services have been subject to gradual limitation, thus there were no free services after implementing the five years plan.

By the end of the five year plan, revenues were around 240 million Dinars/year, while the company was sold for around 640 million Dinar, which I believe is a very cheap price, while its assets merely was valuated for around 190 million Dinars.

A consortium of Arab Bank and the French Telecom, has bought the company, in addition they got a license for providing SMS telephone services, under a private brand name Mobilecom.

The new management adopted a new strategy that's entails:

q To remove the old image of the corporation from clients minds,

q Introduce a younger, fast growing organization, as a reliable partner service provider.

Billiga Nike Skor q Concentration has been made on corporate partnership and customer's relation's strategies.

The corporation was changed to a company, which was subject to a complete organizational restructuring process, which entails the followings: (The reasons for restructuring):

1 Stake holder's interest, since they employed a lot of money in these projects, and they need in return suitable profits.

2 To cope with public demand for services, for a wide range of services became needed and there must be a reliable service provider.

3 To change the image of the company in people's minds, thus creating a successful organization's image.

To do the restructuring in the right manner, it was important to decide for complete reengineering, thus the officers acknowledged and adopted the following strategies:

1 All or merely 80% of the employees were subject to new trainings.

Nike Air Max 90 2 Paper works and signatures have been greatly eliminated and merely dismissed and removed.

3 Paying great attention for existing clients and customers, considering them as Loyal Strategic Partners, instead of annoying customers.

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