CONTEST: Do you want your music heard? Do you want criticism and for people to know who you are?

Hey everyone! It's Ryan Robinson, or some might know me as xRyz. I am holding a contest for all artists and musicians to participate in. There will be winners once or twice every week!


So what is this contest? Basicly, if you are a nice member of the community, and you have music that you want to share to alot of people, you have a chance of getting it featured or put on my profile for everyone to hear! I am a pretty well known and respected guy in the Ark Music Community, and what this means is theres ALOT of people who view my page daily!


What I want to accomplish for this, is to let members who are under appreciated or unheard.. to get some recognition for how awesome you are! I hope to make this community the place for artists to hang out, colab, and just have fun with music! I hope you guys will enjoy this site and stay on it, help the community of Ark prosper and always be true to yourself.


So, for anybody who wants there music to be heard, please put a link to your song on my profile by commenting on it! I will choose a few selected songs from artists every week and play them on my profile!


Ryan "xRyz" Robinson/ The Beatboxer

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