Whether you are going on a cruise, a faraway get a way, or you are just going to the pool, if Cheap Oakley Sunglasse 90% Off you are over 50, and readying for the water panic is in the air! Not to fear, there ARE things you can do to make it better, and even make it an enjoyable experience. After all, it IS the beach, for goodness sakes! You should enjoy the atmosphere, and not stress about your body. Let me help you.

Let's start from the very beginning; whether you are at the weight you want to be or not, you should be doing some form of toning exercise. Regardless if you are luscious and curvy, slight and petite, or somewhere in between, it all looks better with a little tone. So, pick up those weights a few times a week and it will improve the overall look of your body. And, just for your health try to walk, swim, bicycle, or do any other form of aerobic exercise 3 times per week.

Secondly, drink lots of water for supple skin. It really does make a difference in your skin texture, glow and health (honestly, this is from this nurse's perspective, as well as many, many medical studies). Keep hydrated girls. Your body Fake Oakleys will be happy for it!

Dry brush your body from toes to head (yes, in that order). There are several good reasons for this. First it removes dead skin, and makes your skin look less ashy, flaky, and dry. Second it helps your lymphatic system work, which keeps everything moving well. Third, it helps prepare your skin for the next tip sunless tanning lotion.

Nothing quite covers flaws better than a good self tanner (see my review on self tanners on another article). These have improved soooo much. They used to make your skin look very orange and unnatural. Not anymore! Self tanners make you look thinner, rosier, and cover a multitude of sins (lumps, bumps, cellulite, and spider veins sounds familiar?). But, the dry brushing step is important to make an even application easier. And, ALWAYS wash your hands well after applying. You do not want to have brown/orange palms and THAT is the place it will show up. Remember to reapply every four Oakley Outlet Store or five days so it doesn't fade, and you still MUST wear sunscreen in the sun, no matter how tan you look.

Next, the biggie; what to put on that fabulous body. This is what brings fear and trepidation to all women. And why do women have to wear little, tiny bathing suits and men wear big, floppy shorts? Let me just say, life is just not fair. Whatever. Moving on. Here are some rules for bathing suits that will help your body type:

1. If you have big breasts; try to find a suit with a solid or dark color on top. Supportive V necks are best because they show off the girls, but keep them in place.

2. Big bottom; show off the top! Wear the darker color on bottom, and wear the pattern on top.

3. Little breasts; Padding, rouching, ornamentation, draping of any kind will help.

4. Short legs; French cut legs (a nice high cut). Just make sure it covers your bottom in back.

5. Long torso; Helllooo tankini! The long top balances your long torso. I love, love, love these!

6. Big thighs; a skirted bathing suit but PLEASE, make it a small skirt. There is nothing more aging than a suit that looks like a dress!

7. Big Belly; good suits have control panels built right in. It is worth the extra money to feel good about how you look. A wrap suit is also great.

Now that you have the suit, you need accessories. Yes, I said accessories. At 20 or even 30, you didn't need them as much. At 40 or 50, they help you create your entrance. You need big, wonderful, Diva sunglasses, a hat (a really pretty beach hat); a cover up, shoes, and a fun beach bag. Jewelry is okay, but keep it to a flashy, fun minimum. Keep everything tasteful, but bold. Believe me, people will notice YOU, not your perceived dimply thighs if you do it right!

And, speaking of your beach bag, what should you have in it? How about some extra sunscreen (because you are already covered but you need to reapply), towel, a good book, water bottle, lip gloss, snacks, and flip flops for around the pool. If you are planning on changing after the pool, you can bring a change of clothes; though I don't recommend this unless absolutely necessary. If there is any way possible to stop home for a quick shower, or at the very least a wipe down and then change your clothes, that Cheap Ray Ban is the way to go. You will feel much better. And deodorant doesn't carry well in the heat!

The last thing I want to talk about is your actual "entrance" into the pool or beach area. Walk in with an air of confidence never arrogance, but confidence. We all feel that people are staring at our flaws. This is just not true. Many people won't even notice. They are too busy with their own insecurities. If they are looking at us (after all that I have told you above), it is simply because they like the way you look and/or wish they could carry themselves the way you do. Besides, you are there to enjoy the sunshine and water. Have FUN!!!

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