How to Configure Firestarter to Allow VPN

How to Configure Firestarter to Allow VPNby Lonnie Lee Best

Ubuntu Linux comes with a VPN client called "vpnc" which is an open source alternative for Cisco's VPN Client. It allows you to establish a VPN tunnel between you and a remote network that is gated by a Cisco Systems firewall or router.

Although Firestarter 1.03 would allow vpnc to connect to the remote network, it wouldn't allow me to ping machines on the Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses remote network. More specifically, I was trying to Remote Desktop (RDP) into Fake Oakley Frogskin a Microsoft Windows server using the Terminal Server Client that comes with Ubuntu; Firestarter would not Fake Oakleys allow the Terminal Server Client to connect. This made the Terminal Server Client appear to be hanging up. However, after I turned off the Firestarter firewall, the remote desktop session would start. After authenticating with the remote machine, I tried starting Firestarter again. This made the Fake Oakley Sunglasses Remote Desktop session freeze immediately. Stopping Firestarter (again) made the session resume.

Unfortunately, I was unable to solve this using the graphical user interface of Firestarter 1.03. I tried adding policies in the GUI that would allow all traffic in both directions, but each time I'd restart the firewall, it would again freeze the remote desktop connection I'd established while the firewall was off.

Now it is time to add the iptables entries to the user pre file. For your convenience, I provided the textbox below. Type the ip address of your peer/endpoint (the ip you connect to using vpnc) into the text box below and press the replace button:Now, restart the Firestarter firewall:.

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