you left with my heart and now your back!? WTF i wish you never left! life would have been so much better with you here! and to have you here to talk to.. or at least i wish we could talk but i say something to you and now you ignore me?WTF you know what then I'm done take my heart with you and leave me alone! )": Sometimes i wish i never even started this website! like really WTF was i thinking? nothing thats right): you know i thought you were different! but i guess you really are not different i wish you were ______ but no you are not so i guess we are just friends(probably not even that YOU don't even talk to me anymore) so i guess thats it then. 



i didn't write this to make people wonder who I'm talking about,... i wrote it to get my feelings out! and now i feel better i guess:/ not really still thinking about him!

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