Summer is here, which means it prime time for a visit to an amusement park. If your kids are out of the diapering stage, it may be tempting to slip your ID and credit card into your pocket and skip the check line, but don A well stocked purse or tote can save you time and money.

Small first aid kit. Most theme parks have a first aid station, but you won have to make an unexpected trek across the park after a skinned knee if you have bandages and sanitizing wipes with you. You can pick up small first aid kits for about $1 in the trial and travel section of many drug stores and supermarkets. On a recent trip to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, with four kids, I had to pull out my kit three times in five hours. No lie.

Hand sanitizer. Truth be told, I way more in the good ol handwashing camp, but I throw those rules out the window when I travel and ensure I always have hand sanitizer in my bag. My rule at a theme park is to use it after Oakley Sunglasses Sale every ride. It may seem excessive, but riding involves waiting in a queue line with hand rails you and thousands of your closest riding buddies are touching, and then usually gripping a hand rail that hundreds of others have just gripped during the ride.

Plenty of sunscreen. Remember that you need to re apply sunscreen every couple of hours during a day at the theme park. Make use of the time waiting in line to re apply. And, in this instance, it best to choose lotion rather than a spray. The close quarters will make it hard to apply spray without hitting unsuspecting theme park guests. Even if you think that random kid needs sunscreen, it probably not best to spray him.

Carabiner clip. No, most theme park visits do not involve rappelling off a cliff (though it may seem like it), but these clips come in handy for clipping hats or bags holding small souvenirs on to my purse. This frees up my hands so I can box out those late coming teens who always try to crowd into the space I saved for the afternoon parade.

Swimsuits in a zip top bag. If you left your house in the past five years, then you experienced it: the surprise splash pad and ensuing meltdown when you remind your child that he or she doesn have a swimsuit. Trust me, the theme park where you headed will have a way (or 10) for your children to get soaked. So, stick those suits into your purse. You will want them. And when they wet, you be glad you can put them back into that plastic bag I told you to pack.

Single serve drink mix Please, please drink water throughout your day at the theme park. I see so many families that look rundown in the afternoon and the truth is, they probably just a little dehydrated. But paying upwards of $3 or $4 for a bottle of water will make you think twice before buying another round for the fam, even if they thirsty. So save your empties and refill them at the water fountain. If the water doesn taste all that great, use the drink mix sticks to turn into into lemonade, or fruit punch, or you get the idea now, right?

Patience. It going to be hot and crowded. It wouldn be a theme park if it wasn So it up to you to set the tone for the family, mom. I not above using a little well placed bribery in the form of a lollipop or fruit roll up or new game app on my smartphone to stop a theme park meltdown in its tracks. Help your kids stay patient in line by having a few tricks up your sleeve, or in this case, in your bag. Caldwell lives near Orlando, Florida, with her husband and school age daughter. By day, she is an energy company executive and frequent business traveler.

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Perfect, you listed everything I pack for our many trips to the theme park. We get season passes every year, so we go a lot! The only thing I never thought of was the clips for clipping hats and prizes to my purse. Great thought!

Some other things I pack: A small package of wipes and a couple of $1 ponchos. The wipes because on one particularly hot day my son threw up (ugh!) and the wipes really came in handy to clean him up real quick so we could make the long trek back to the car. I pack the ponchos in case it starts to really rain. Even if we don use them to cover ourselves and just cover our stuff, they come in handy. And truth be told, we usually go more often when the forecast calls for rain most people tend to avoid the park on those types of days, so it makes for a smaller crowd to fight with. Plus then it not so flippin sunny out!

I grew up in the age of fanny packs. My first trip to Orlando, my brother and I we 8 9. My parents gave us each a fanny pack. It held our ponchos. (And whatever small toy we could fit in there). And a clip on water bottle. It always seems to rain when you least expect it. You can beat the crowds if you already have a poncho. And then yoou can avoid the steep prices, and the crowds ducking the rain.

My parents thought it be best for all of us if we carried our own. Sometimes I cram in a light weight long sleeve too, I was always cold, even when it was 90 degrees out. If your children are school age, I suggest this. We even hide snacks in the ponchos or secret pockets. We couldn afford to refill every time we smelled something yummy.

Those small fabric bags that use the cords as it shoulder straps, I guess are what we have to work with today.

And for the plastic bags for the swim clothes, I suggest a travel space bag. You can roll them tight for space. Also those quick drying cloths like the Oakley Sunglasses Cheap 90% Off shammy, is perfect to cram into your bag instead of bulky towels. Pat dry.

Board shorts or quick drying fabric shorts are suggested too walking around in damp jeans is rough. And croc style shoes are good too! Avoid bog sock! Target and like stores (sketchers, walmart) sell their own brand for much less then crocs. Good cushion and arch support, without the sogginess of sneakers. With five children and 2 in diapers. Just for a trip to the local pool I have to bring my whole house. With a strap on it. While baby is in stroller my husband was able to rig this up. Wrap the straps around the stroller in the front and keep Oakley Sunglasses Outlet Store the fan constantly pointed at my 5 month old out of his reach. Although blowing hot air. During an occasional breeze that would blow some cool air. Also if you squirt the mist while the fan is blowing that is providing cool air also. It was a life saver to my baby. Completely kept her cool while it was so hot at disney those couple of days. Hint. $20 if you buy it at the local walmart, target, five below your likely to pay under $7.

The good thing if you are able to use fanny packs, you can clips hats to it and tuck sunglasses into it for the rides. You can find straps that carry a standard water bottle. So if you go somewhere that you can bring your own bottle, at least you have a strap to carry it. Buy one there and refill it.

And I love the clip idea, a d ring is perfect for everything. I have one on the diaper bag. I clip my keys too it so I can loose them. I strap my son sandals to them after he takes them off in the stroller. Hats clip to it too.

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