uh Neva been cheap my whole live if you buy jays u have to

strive  uh take a dive talk straight up jive Neva made football team

imma rapper varsity lord tell em is it how it seems i dont wear skinny jeans

I'm grilled up but you still to hold ya head up  I'm doing it for DA team make them

no life niggas so steamed  hold up as a teen i listened to nothing

but Lil wayne the big king not engaged b**** you crazed imma bachelor

till i wear my toupees but i still have my 11x reign i go hard in DA paint

wheres my Mary Jane i never take my idol name in vain but all that

s*** they talk made they breath smell like a stain steal a line lemon lime

call u Frankenstein Jordan 5's

fitted on take that snapback off and I'm dangerous got them crazy fist my English teacher said

always jist jordan 6 hit list playing  and rapping in this mist super bowl 44

all bout them saints cause i go hard in the mofo paint and I'm mo famous nigga so

shameless i call him no swag malik he wears the same socks shirt cargos vans  every week on

Christmas eve he knocks on people doors and tells em trick or treat Jordan 13's

no license i still buy em i try em i like em i buy em black cargo's red aero

black fitted purple shock bull fitted and most importantly Bordeaux 7's yea i said it

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