ID LIKE TO THANK YOU (written by: Destiny Roy (DeeJaay) )

         I woke up early today , i wished that u were here to stay

I turned to smile at your picture, that sat next to my bed,

I remembered the last few words that you said, 

I cant get them out , they are stuck in my head,

When you decided to take that call , you risked it all for me


So id like to thank you , cuz i cant say it to your face,

Id like to thank you , and assure you that you will never be replaced,

Id like to thank you , for being the best that you could be,

Id like to thank , oooh Id like to thank you for loving and fighting for me ,


Flashback , the 4th of july , we sat and watched colours light the sky,

I held you and i wouldnt let go, so i think that you should know ,

I need you home with momma and me , not at war or across the sea,

I cant sleep at nite, hold me and tell me that everythings alrite,


I woke up early today , i waited till your cassket came,

Drove down the highway of heros,

Tears formed in my eyes , as momma held me close by,

Trumpets play, as grandma crys,

The big heart i had dies,and i need you to know,


this is dedicated to all candian soliders stationed in afganistan , I cant wait to see your familys faces when u arrive at home <3

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Comment by lil Shay♥ on January 6, 2012 at 8:21pm
Love it<3


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