Jet Skiing Fun For the Whole FamilyAre you looking for a great new way to get Oakley Sunglasses Cheap more exercise AND spend time with friends and family? Do you love the water and the outdoors? If the answer is yes, I have just the sport for you Jet Skiing!

Last year we bought a jet ski and took to the water and oh what fun we have had! Not only is it fun to fly through the water with the wind in your face but it provides one more activity for great family get togethers at the lake. All of our grown children love it and the grandkids can't wait for their turn.

Now I'm kind of wimpy, out of shape, and easily scared. But I love the water and am always looking for activities that can be enjoyed by a wide age range. If I can learn this at my age, anyone can!

Here's a picture of my husband sitting on our jet ski just after we had taken it out for the first time. I was so excited that I forgot to take any pictures until we were leaving!

What Exactly Is a Jet Ski?According to Wikipedia, the term jet ski is a brand name and registered trademark by Kawasaki. The correct term to use is personal watercraft. Of course, if you use that terminology, most people won't have a clue what you are talking about! Jet ski, Seadoo, Waverunner are all brand names for personal watercraft.

My definition of a jet ski is it's a motorcycle for the water. They are very simple to learn to drive. But my husband insisted and pressed and pressed until I finally said I'd give it a try. And am I glad I did! No gears to change. Just power on, forward, or reverse.

Jet skiis come in all shapes and sizes. There is a ballast system that helps them to remain upright in the water. From what I've seen, the larger skis are more easily balanced and are better for balancing passengers. And if for any reason you manage to flip one over no worries. They are made to turn themselves upright and circle around you. There is also a safety feature of a bracelet that you wear that is connected to the shut off. If you should fall off for any reason, the shut off is triggered by your bracelet to turn off the engine and keep the ski from running off and leaving you in the middle of the lake. Just by adding this inexpensive gadget to your keyring can save you hours of time and aggravation.

Jet Skiing the Best Sport AroundI love to jet ski. As I mentioned earlier, I am a pretty big wimp. I'm easily scared and not too good at trying new things. But i have a fabulous husband who loves adventure and is always looking to try something new. When he came home with this new "toy" I thought he was nuts. I hate motorcycles (he loves them) and from what I could see, the jet ski looked like a motorcycle for the water. It was even made by Kawasaki, the same company who makes motorcycles.

Somehow he managed to talk me into going to a local small lake to try out the new ski. I watched him whiz all around the lake, laughing and having a great time. I was content on the shore. But he wasn't going to let me leave without trying it at least once. Not wanting to go out on the lake by myself, he suggested we ride together and he could give me 'driving lessons' along the way. We weren't 10 feet from shore when we flipped it over! I felt like we were about to tip to the right, so I leaned to the left, apparently too far to the left, and over we went. That's when I realized I had car keys in my pocket and prescription glasses on my head. Luckily they remained in place. Getting back to shore over the very sharp rocks was a different story and a painful one. I now remember to wear water shoes whenever we take the jet ski out.

After much arm twisting, my husband talked me into giving it another try. I was still very nervous. He showed me how to put it in drive, how to back up and go forward, He went with me for a spin around the lake and I remained nervous and shaky. It was hard to balance and I felt like we would tip over any moment. I was sure I would never want to do this again. My big fear? Falling off the ski in the middle of the lake and being unable to get back on. It is a little tricky, getting on a jet ski in deep water. Especially if you are on the larger side and nowhere near as agile as you once were.

Then we went to the lake again, this time taking more family members. My daughter went for a drive first with her dad, then by herself. When she returned she told me how different it was, riding by herself. No problems balancing at all. So I gave it another try and was hooked! Our jet ski is small and having two large adults on it made it very unstable. There are bigger jet skiis that are better balanced and made for more than one adult passenger.

What do I love about jet skiing? Is it the wind whipping through my hair and water spraying in my face? Is it the speed? Or maybe there's just something freeing about skimming over glassy smooth water, with the sun beating down on my shoulders, enjoying the beautiful sights and smells of nature. And maybe it lets the daredevil, hidden deep inside, come out for awhile. Occasionally I even hit the throttle and jump a wave or two! And one of the best things that's happened Oakley Sunglasses Outlet Clearance Sale all of our grown kids and our grandchildren love to come to the lake with us and take turns going for a ride. We've had some great family times. I believe we'll have to buy another jet ski soon.

Floating Sunglasses Never Lose Your Sunglasses in the Lake Again!Have you ever had your sunglasses fall off and land in the lake never to be seen again? If you spend much time at the lake, this will probably happen to you some time in your life. Knowing that you are prepared for emergencies will help you to feel safe and relaxed, ready for that first ride. You can buy a floater device to attach to your keys in case you drop them in the water. Make sure your cell phone has a water proof case. Try putting your keys and phone in a zip lock bag. And don't forget to include your wallet in that ziplock bag. I like to store my wallet in a ziplock in the locked bin in the front of the jetski. This past summer my iphone went for a swim in the lake while it was hidden in my pocket, so you can be from now on it will definitely be in a ziplock bag whenever I'm at the lake!Buy some sunglasses that are made for skiing. They strap on your head and stay put. As a granny, I prefer to wear long shorts over my swimsuit, lightweight ones with zip pockets for my keys and phone. Don't forget the zip lock for the phone and the bobber for the keys. It's no fun to be stuck at the lake with no way to get home because your keys went overboard and straight to the bottom of the lake!Make sure your jet ski has what you need in case of breakdown problems: a whistle to blow for emergencies that will get the attention of other skiers or boaters and a rope for towing if necessary. The whistle is actually mandatory equipment and if you are ever stopped, the lake patrol may ask to see your emergency equipment. And I'm not talking about flip flops. You need something that won't easily fall off your feet and get lost in the lake. Barefoot is great but there are times you may need to get off that ski in some really rough rocks. We learned this lesson the hard way the first time we went out!

Don't Forget Life Jackets and Sunscreen These are a must when jet skiing!

X20 Universal Adult Life Jacket Vest Blue BlackThose cheap orange life vests will work but these are so much better. I feel much safer with this kind of life vest. We have one to fit every member of the family.

Protect Your Phone Keep it safe from the waterAs I learned last year, lake water is disastrous when combined with lake water. I lost everything in my smart phone and was stranded at the lake with no way to call Oakley Sunglasses Outlet Store and let my family know. Don't let this happen to you.

History of the Jet SkiAKA 'Personal Water Craft'Clayton Jacobson II invented the jet ski in 1973. The original jet ski was produced by Kawasaki and had a flat bottomed design until 1994 when the v hull was introduced. The new hull made it easier to navigate through the waves. 1989 saw the first 2 passenger model. Today, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Bomardier, Arctic and Polaris all produce personal water craft that are used worldwide in the personal watercraft sports events of freestyle, freeride, and closed course racing.

photo: Our first jetski

Share Your OpinionNow that you've learned more about the sport of jet skiing, tell us if you plan to learn how. Are you crazy? I'm too old to teach this dog new tricks! I wouldn't dream of taking up jet skiing. I'm a little hesitant, but I'll think about giving it a try. I can't wait to get out there and plan to go as soon as the weather is warm enough. I already jet ski and love it!!See results without voting

Jet Skiing With the GrandkidsI'm saving this spot for pictures of our grandchildren riding on the jet ski with Nanna and Papa. Somehow I can't find any pictures from last summer so I'll have to take new ones!

Hmmm, so is it sport or recreation if the family is all at the lake, taking turns riding the jet ski ? Does it go from recreation to sport if the grandparents are zooming around the lake with a grandchild clinging on behind, screaming, " Go faster, Nanna, we gotta beat PaPa" ? Jet skiing is definitely fun, gives you plenty of exercise, and you can set up races for your own amateur competition.

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