My Name is Kayla I'm 14, and I live in Huntersville NC. I have always sang since I was little. Always singing along with the Disney princess movies pretending I had the beautiful voices from the movie and that I was that princess. I have been in several musicals and has loved every minuet of it. I want to be singer someday, Not for the fame or money, but so I can show other girls that if they pursue there dreams they can do whatever they want. I am not a naturally skinny girl and has always had trouble with my waight and the way that I look. I've struggled with acne which has been hard considering I take good care of my skin but it just keeps coming back. Its hard to face these everyday trials. Sometimes I think to my self why couldn’t I be like Taylor Swift (Who is one of my idols) with clear skin and a small body. But then you have to look at what makes you special. I've never been bulled but I know how some of though’s girls feel. Think positive things about yourself, what makes you special? How can you make a difference in the world? Thats why I wanna be a singer I want to reach out to all girls and share my story’s and my music with them. so that they can live there dreams to. :)


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