they call this love the best they call this love the best... who ever knew ide come to pass this test... ohh wait lets take a mintue cuz we know we i failed... who would ever know what this love would entail...... i guess your the emaill... im just junk mail..... call me a geek cuz im a EPIC fail.....But your more than just a person your girl of my dreams... i wish i ould sleep forever... but forever is not what it seems...... you coach my heart like a soccer team... and even if freinds is what you want to be....... just what ever makes you you happy is just what i want to be..... just call me a terrible person cuz i want your heart for me.... i must be blind cuz i cant see... the best moments is when your with me... me holding your face so closly.. staring into your eyes.. seing where your true beatuy lies..... so pretty brings tears to my eyes... so many times i cant speak and only cant say why..... why is she this pretty... is this girl soppose to be with me.. and i know the answers no... but cant let you go... i think im bout to dies cuz my hearts beating to slow....who ever know i couild drop this low... but im staying to the part.. which ever is closer to your heart

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