Hello, my name is Dakota, but some people call me Kody. I was born in Bryan, Ohio on october 8th 1996 to Timothy and Rebecca Mavis. My mom told me that when I was little I loved sleeping anywhere I droped. :p     I also got into the cabinets and threw away caned-goods and the ketchup bottles. When I turned 5 I leared how to swim or maybe I think it was 4 all I know is that I loved it. When I was 6 I did the swim team every year until I was 13, I also did discovery Gaurd, too. I always loved singing, swimming and acting. When I ws 12 I started tellin people that when I grew up I wanted to be an Obgyn, but now that Im 14 I dont wanna do that, cause I know my true passion is Singing/acting. Your such a very smart, bright girl everyone says, but to me I think im not. Last year when I was 13 my big sister said I cant sing and it brought me down time and time again, but I know I can be the best at anything if I only try. She probably was just jealous, but sometimes she really makes me feel unimportant. Plus if you were me you would feel down all the time to if your 2 big sisters said your ugly, stupid, and dumb all the time. But I am Dakota Mavis and noboby can bring me down when I know whats right.!  I am curently in 8th grade and cant wait to leave school and start a family or launch a big carrer in music. :)


                                           With love,

                                                       Dakota Mavis

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