I'm sitting here trying to figure out the perfect way to describe what it is I want from ARK.


I love music. I adore it. It is worshiped, adored, and infatuated to the brink of human endurance. Seeing some of the talent on this site makes me..concerned for it.


I don't wish to disrespect ARK in any way, but seeing the attention it's garnered has me worried that they don't know what to exactly do. They have a lot of talent on their hands, but it's being masked in reckless smattering of auto-tune and drum machines. What can we do about that?


Bring in someone who knows a thing or two about music, it's varied styles, and it deeper meanings!


That someone would be me, of course.This business takes bravado and courage, and maybe a little stupidity.


I'm down with that, sirs.


Give me a chance, and I'll give you all talent worth showing.



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