You have your head in your hands and you are feeling distraught and devastated right now. The unthinkable happened, your girlfriend walked Authentic Pandora Blue Whimsical Lights Charm Online out the door and left you. And now, you are sitting there, ready to just come apart, and you don know how to get her to come back to you. When most men are faced with a situation like this, they just remain helpless and feel alone. They don know what they should do to move on. They don know what they should do to win her back.

Here what you need to do if your girlfriend has left you and you want to get her back:

1. Give yourself a few days to just deal with the situation.

You might assume that you need to get up and do something right now, but until you give yourself time to sit back and deal with what happened, you are better off leaving her alone. Until you get things sorted out in your head and decide whether or not you REALLY want to pursue getting back with her, then you need to be able to just mellow out Pandora Clearance Jewelry for awhile. Too many guys have made the mistake of not allowing enough time to handle what happened, Authentic Pandora Blue Whimsical Lights Charm Online and then they end up making some HORRIBLE mistake in saying or doing the worst thing possible.

2. When you get back in contact with her, don immediately jump into talking about getting back together.

This is not a time when you should be too quick to talk about relationship kinds of things, because if she is still feeling like she does not want to be in a relationship with you and you talk about it too soon, she could end up just avoiding you from then on. You have to be discrete and subtle and just get in a little playful flirting and conversation with her so that you can build a foundation that you can work with.

3. You need to work on pushing the proper emotional triggers so that the attraction comes back in full force.

A break up is a CLEAR signal that your ex girlfriend has lost some of those feelings that made her want to be with you and that is something that you need to be able to bring back. IF you cannot bring Authentic Pandora Cross Charm Clearance Store back the attraction and make her feel like her heart is skipping a beat, then you are going to end up dealing with the reality that the relationship is OVER. Luckily, there is a way that you can get around this and make her want YOU again.

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