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The Air Max 2016 Black Red Blue BBC announced today that season six of "Doctor Who" will open with a special two parter set in the United States.

Production on episodes one and two of the new season starts in Cardiff this month and Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill will then travel to America in mid November to shoot pivotal scenes. They will also be joined by Alex Kingston who reprises her role as River Song. But not for real, not on location and not with a story like this one! Oh, you wait!"

Piers Wenger, Head of Drama BBC Wales and Executive Producer, Nike Air Max Ireland added: "Steven's scripts generally inspire us to go that extra mile this time we're going that extra four thousand. Season six will start airing on BBC America in spring 2011 and has been split into two blocks, with the second block airing in autumn 2011. By splitting the series Moffat plans to give viewers one of the most exciting "Doctor Who" cliffhangers and plot twists ever, leaving them waiting, on the edge of their seats, until the autumn to find out what happens.

This is great. I also love me some Time Lord. Matt Smith hasn't endeared himself in my heart as David Tennant in the role. The writing and characters and style are such a step above most every genre show.

Redhairs, Torchwood will be returning to the air on the Starz cable channel. Original creator Russell T. Davies is making it in collaboration with BBC and that network. It will star the surviving members of Capt. Jack Sparrow, Gwen and her husband with new characters. It will now be set in America. Because it will be on a premium channel they will be able to keep a hard edge to it and maybe go further. I believe it starts sometime next year. I don't have Starz but after missing out on Spartacus and with Torchwood coming up, I might have to spring for it.

I sent a scoop for this to Mania a long while ago but they never reported it.

Dr. Who awesome!!! I am a major league Who fan since i was able to sit in front of the TV and watch the good Dr. on public television late at night. I'm enjoying the revival of Who (Tennent was darn good but not quite Tom Baker). Smith, I am enjoying, especially with the "big picture" story arch's they have been seeding throughout going back to Tennent's time involving the lovely Alex Kingston.

Torchwood, i didn't read that news. Thank's for the update Monkeyfoot. I'm glad because the Maxi Series of Season 3 was the best Torch to date and i would hate to see it end there.

I'm not really feeling the new Doctor or his companions, they just seem like poor substitutes compared to the other newcomers over the past six or seven years. I love Dr. Who and will still give the second season a chance, but it hasn't hooked me yet as the previous two incarnations did.

I'd heard about Torchwood as well. I absolutely love that show agree the Children of Men was ridiculuously good. There has been real loss on that show, and sometimes the good guys really didn't win. Which is a bit more mature to me than Dr. Who. I know the Doctor has lost his people and all that, but with Torchwood actual characters I care about have bitten the dust in very poinant ways. I hope the new season is good.

I am a little worried with the "need" to bring these shows over to America though. I hope they don't lose themselves trying to appeal to an American audience. There are already Americans that absolutely love it without the need to pandering to us.

I'm not quite sure if Torchwood is going full American. I think there's going to be a former CIA agent who ends up looking/working for Torchwood sometime that season or they're needed in America, but I still can't wait to see what's going to happen. I may end up ponying up for Starz once I start seeing advertisements for when it's airing.

Matt Smith had some big shoes to fill once David Tennant left and he proved it within two Nike Air Max 2016 Ireland episodes that he was a worthy successor as the 11th Doctor. I enjoyed Rory much more than Mickey. Amy came off not so much as in love with the Doctor, but just wanting to teach him a brand new dance. Still much better than Martha but nowhere near my favorite like Donna and Rose. I can't wait to see what they do with the Doctor going stateside, although wasn't the base in the 1st series "Dalek" in America? How quickly we forget

The American version of Torchwood is out of the eqation since the original one is getting a new series 'season' of which I'm glad about. There are big changes in store for this coming season.

I'm a long time fan of the entire series and have loved it. Matt is good, but he's different than David, the past year made me realize that he might be in it for some time. I still can't understand why they have only 13 episodes each year and we produce 20 to 22 episodes a year.

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