Is Tiger Out Of The Woods

As everyone I had hoped the issues surrounding Tiger Woods would soon abate and he and the game move forward in a positive way. That was until I read the opinion article by Tim Bahlberg of the Associated Press this morning. It appears things might not be exactly as settled as some would Nike Air Max Classic have us think. The add Tim refers to is both crass and insulting on behalf of Tiger Woods and Nike. It is down right insulting to expect us to believe Tiger would drag up the voice of his dead father to help sell Nike shoes. This guy truly has much more than a s** problem. He is down right demented. It seems Tiger's inner mode of thinking is out of whack when he Nike Air Max 2016 thinks he can come off the events he has just finished, if he is really finished, and then be so cold Nike Air Max Outlet hearted and calculating to try and use the events to promote a tennis shoe. "Bad, bad, bad planning and timing on the part of Tiger and also Nike."

In her recent article, Dr. How is it that celebrities feel a week in rehab is a cure for all ills? Do people like Tiger Woods, living a double life, think the truth will not eventually come out? Look at John Edwards, Mark Spitzer and Mark Sanford. Do these people think they are ten feet tall and bullet proof? Well Tiger, as the saying goes, "Once bit, your fault, twice bit, mine." You are definitely no hero and you are most definitely no roll model. Get use to it big boy. You can't correct a lifetime of misbehavior with a week of rehab Tiger. It just doesn't work that way and to invoke the spirit of your father in the midst of it all just to sell tennis shoes, what an outright insult to your would be fans and those who were willing to give it a chance and see if there was an improvement. Well, the truth is out and Tiger Woods is a jerk, an insult to his dead father and the fans that once admired and respected him. Maybe it is time for Tiger to do the right and honorable thing and resign from the world of golf and the PGA. The sport and the institution would be the better for it. No I must join those who will not be watching Tiger Woods on the golf course Goedkope Nike Air Max 2016 and I definitely will not be buying Nike shoes.

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