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If “Friday” is reserved for Rebecca Black and her pop culture awesomeness, Tuesday March 22nd deserves to be a day set aside just for her Ark Music Factory mate Abby Victor. Congratulations on getting a million YouTube views, Abby!

Crush On You” is a paean to a Saturday night out for fun that turns into somewhat of an obsession for Abby as she sees the boy that drives her crazy end, “Crush On You” is a straight-up dance track and video that wears its pop on its sleeve.

And now that it’s crossed the one million threshold, it marks Abby as a legitimate contender for pop star status. So who is this pretty, perky blonde who has a “Crush On You”?

According to Ark Music’s profile page for her, Abby’s been part of their organization since at least August of 2010. The video for “Crush On You” was uploaded to YouTube on October 17th and, like all the other Ark Music videos, languished with views of “only” tens of thousands to its credit. (“Only” because tens of thousands is actually a lot!) But when “Friday” came along, it was a game-changer, and Abby started getting many more looks from curious people.

But before the success of her video, Abby was a busy young woman working on a career as an actress and singer, so if anything her success on YouTube may not be taking her totally by surprise. According to Ark Music, Abby is a “singer, dancer and actor…born in Albuquerque, New Mexico.” Unlike most of her other Ark Music friends who live in Southern California, Abby must commute from New Mexico.

One really cool thing that makes her unique is her family’s love of hot air balloons.

As you might guess from “Crush On You”, she loves music that “gets people moving and grooving!” Music like her influences Christina Aguilera, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo and Kesha.

“Look out world, this is going to be something big!”, says Abby. Hey, we at Starcasm love that kind of spunk, especially when you have something to back it up!

Abby’s acting talents have been shared in two extremely well done independent films in which she had featured roles. Going by her full first name in films, Abigail, she starred in the 2008 short film, Cinco de Mayo, in which her character, Daisy, is kidnapped along with her best friend Rosie. It’s a scary, edgy thriller directed by indie filmmaker Giles Greenwood.

But Abigail also had a feature role in a film very unlike Cinco de Mayo. She starred as Natalie in the kid-friendly Adventures of a Teen-Age Dragonslayer. Holding her own with Hollywood heavyweights Lea Thompson (all the Back to the Future movies) and Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me, Hot in Cleveland), she starred as a companion to her monster-fighting friend, Arthur.

Since her last recording was back in October, she surely must be going crazy to record a new single. What do you think is next for her? Another dance track like “Crush On You”? Or maybe a different kind of song, like a slow ballad? She definitely looks like a talented actress with a good agent, so maybe we’ll see her in some more high-profile movies soon.

Until then, take it easy on the pillow fights, Abby. We don’t want you to get hurt while we wait for your next single!

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Comment by realjamesjackson on April 18, 2011 at 5:06pm
I love it she has a very bright and great future ahead of her and I hope one day I can be doing the same if not sooner then later to lol. Congrats Abby  keep up the great work!!


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