I am just so surprised but really pleased.


I just logged into Ourstage.com and saw that my songs 'Coffee' and 'One Day' are really climbing the charts. Coffee is no. 12 in the Acoustic charts and One Day is no. 32 in the Female Singer songwriter Charts.


I'm also one of the top 250 artists in Los Angeles on Reverbnation and have a total fan reach of 760 fans.


There have been some well known artists - Miranda Cosgrove, Jordan Pruitt, Charlotte Sometimes and Millionaires - that have liked my music, commented or given me feedback over Facebook. 


And all this happened in ONE WEEK!


Ever since I started promoting my music, things have really taken off and it's all happened very quickly! This site has helped me get my music out there in a big way, and am really grateful to everyone who has been listening.


I just wanted to let all the aspiring artists out here know  - make music and promote it. Big things will happen really quickly!

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Comment by Cindy Vink on April 10, 2011 at 2:58pm
wow! thats amazing! great job!! hope you contiue to shine! :)


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