verse 1:baby last night i couldnt sleep,
i was up until 4 thinkin bout u,
i was lookin through fonebooks
askin my friends,wat ur phonenumber was,
cuz baby im.....

missin u
oh missin u
baby come bak, come bak, come bak
i miss those sweet things u did for me
all of those sweet names u used 2 call me
baby come bak, this time i wont let u down

verse2:yeah i know ur with "her" that girl, that thing
but i need u bak, to think to sleep
and i know u dont love her
i can see it in ur eyes
so come bak , come bak,come bak to me
plz, im


i did u wrong but not again,
ive changed not lyin, plz baby,
plz, i just wanna b with u
i wanna stop, missin u , i wanna stop pacin round hopin u will call me
cuz baby im


so come bak, bak ,come bak 2 me

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