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Distance "TERA" is officially on sale is not far off, this also means that the closed beta of the game coming to an end, so this week's fifth closed beta test of the weekend activities will be the last, En Masse Entertainment, recently released bulletin summarizes the gamemeasurement, and spoke to the game five measure, beta, there are officially on sale.
The production team for the beta officially on sale is very concerned about a problem is the difficulty of the novice regional, precisely novice region lacks the sense of presence. A lot of players have said that the the novice region challenging production team attaches great importance to. More important, En Massen have done a lot of other changes, including adjustments to strengthen the system, new equipment and skills options, add voice, and even the foreshadowing of the new teaching area as the dawn of the island. These elements can be in the next beta or the game is officially on sale experience.
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