Hi. Thanks for reading my blog. :) I'm entered into the new contest and, oddly enough, I'm not asking you to vote for me.


I am, however, asking you to vote. Please, vote for someone in the contest. If you feel that one of the other 2 (Laura or Harrison) deserves to win or is more talented than me, then please go here to vote for them.


Laura: http://arkmusicfactory.com/video/try-cover-competition

Harrison: http://arkmusicfactory.com/video/say-somethin-accapella-cover-by-ha...


All you have to do is either like their video or comment saying you vote for them. That's it. 


But, if you do feel that I'm more talented than them or I deserve to win, then please go here and vote for me. Just do the exact same thing I said above.



I'm honestly happy with whoever wins. I'll be equally as happy if they win as I would if I won. So, please go vote for some one. Thanks again for reading. :)

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Comment by Aiden Hawthorne on October 4, 2012 at 1:20pm

@Laura awwww, you're too kind. You're good too, you know. And you also deserve to win. In my opinion, we all do. :) But regardless, I can't wait until Friday to find out. 

Comment by Aiden Hawthorne on October 4, 2012 at 1:07pm

@Laura I'm just now seeing your comment for some reason lol. But you're welcome! :) As I said: I'll be happy with whoever wins. I just hope no one (not meaning you) gets upset if I do. 


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