you look In the mirror never satisfied

your eyes are sad in your dim Light

yOur heart hurts and you say "die on"

let somethin' bigger come in, a roaring lion

i left a couple days ago

didn't know if i'd return

i told myself he can take the blow

but i know it will burn

//(chorus)/ and while i'Ve beEn gone

he's been waiting

looking for a girl in need of saving

i ran to far awaY yOU looked too close to say

you opened my eyes to somethin' Beautiful

now make my life evEn more colorful even more colorful eveN more colorful//

i was amazed before then i saw you out my back door

and suddenly it was Just you and me

took so much breAth away i couldn't breathe

the wrinkles in your shirt said "i love you"

i blushed like i didn't know anything to do

make me happy once More take the pain away

tell me you love me on a cold, cold day


take me to your home If it lasts

to be grateful just think of the past

i've been in the froNt of the line for your heart

been cut so many times, don't know where you are

born 1998, july the fifth

before i was born god sent me another gift


take me to your home if it's still there

if it's not i'll give you my own and we can share

but your hand on my hips kiss me with your lips

like it's all be have i'll grab a pen and pad and write down he kissed me again, put it in a phone never to be sent

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Comment by Lee Ash on November 17, 2011 at 5:35pm

oh my gosh that's amazing!


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