Beyond Her Heart

Blog Links:.: Itchy Itchy :. He called me when I was watching 2 Fast 2 Furious and so I couldn answer the phone but I tried for 2 freaking hours to get a hold of him without any luck. Even this morning I called but I guess his cell is dead. it like 7pm now and he still hasn called to tell me what up. Thanks a lot.

But the day hasn gone by unfulfilled. After Mike left for Cincy today, I decided to head over to Rag o Rama for some good a** shopping, took a nice walk in the park, and then went out again for a bit of tanning. Yeah I a bit itchy now from all that sun but that alright. Been chatting up a storm with Mike G. and Tommie today. It been kewl. Saturday is gonna be one heck of a day. From 1pm 4:30pm will be DDR at GW with Alan and most likely Nike Air Max Dames and the gang. Right after that, we jetting back to LANlords Gaming for their load test. As for the rest of the week, I have no clue what the hell I be doing. I pretty much free on Tuesday and Friday. .: What To Make Out Of It :. Yesterday was just shitty as hell because of Mike situation and stuff. I tried so hard to prevent him from doing so. I know it hard on him but it has to be this way. So yeah I was on the computer for a good hour before I went to work and then after work, me and Mike went to GW and met up with Alan for a bit. After that we stopped by MMP so I could get Mike paycheck for him since MMP said he would be allowed to do that so we did that and started heading home. Stopped by Big Bear to get some to drink and then decided to go watch 2 Fast 2 Furious over at the AMC at Lennox because to me, "it was still way too early to go home and do no."

The whole time we were out, Mike kept on saying how much he misses me and how much he wants us to be together again. I called his cell at least a good 4 5 times but he not picking up for some reason and it already 2am. = Can get into any of the sections.: When Things Looked Bright :. It already 11:15pm and he Nike Air Max 2015 still not back. I wonder what up. I would feel a bit better if I had my cell phone but he has it so I can call anyone if I need help with any or not. For those who don know what has happened, me and Mike broke up. I hate seeing him worrying about his car payments, I hate seeing him worrying about having a place to live, I hate seeing him worrying about his friends and family so much. You just don stop loving someone no matter if you love them or hate them. There a love between me and that was hard to see until we split up. So do I love him Yes I do. Will I think about him everyday Most likely. Will I miss him Absolutely. Is there a chance that we may get back together All I can do is hope with all my heart. It was special. I don know what that reason may be but all I can do is wait.: A Day At Home :. Yesterday was the MME DDR2 tournament so the Toledo guys decided to stop on by the apartment before we all jetted off to the tourney. We got there around 6ish but none of us were competing so it was kewl. We met up with , Kyle, and soon after and chilled for a bit. Most of our time at MME was spent outside chatting or going to Chipotle for lunch. By 8pm, some of us jetted off to the other side of town to Easton where went to by a present for his little brother and then we all played a few rounds of DDR.

Otani is pretty much tradition these days whenever anyone outta town comes to visit. So the Toledo peeps, the Cleveland peeps, me, , Alan, Nathan, his gf, one of his gf friend, Veronica, etc. all attended. We had a table for like 15 people. Nike Outlet Unfortunately the other C bus peeps including Nick, , and Rei wasn able to join us. Overall, it was quite an eventful day and I definitely had a blast. It was kewl that Arnell wanted to hang out sometime and all. I really miss chatting with him. He probably the most calm and understanding guys that I know. When I tell others what has happened and stuff, they go off on a rant about what I should do but when I told Arnell about me and , he genuinely cared. Even though we don get to talk or hang out much, to me he still my big brother and always will be.: Good GAWD!!! :. needs to take care of the digital camcorder like pronto. These past couple of months have been no but trouble for me. life f****** s****. All I can say is Mike better get his act together because I can do it alone. Hey at least I can still play DDR at GW with my 30 day card.

I had this really harsh dream this morning and it had to do with cell phone and last night. It really got me pumped up and all and right when I was still in the middle of dreaming, I woke up to the sound of opening the door. Yeah being in the horrendous mood I was in, I kinda snapped at him for not calling me last night. Shouldn have happened. I was still so hung up on the dream which was about the same exact but with a twist. Sorry boo!

Whmm Mike is gonna head down to Cincy today for a lan party. Have no clue when he be back but tonight I probably come home, change, and then go back to Big Bear with . Fun night, yay!!.: A New Beginning :. So I was talking with Nick online and stuff and he suddenly brings up the idea of making another Columbus page. I then threw out the idea that it should be more about the community than DDR and we gots to talking. It going to focus on the people of the community. We have a lot of good ideas right now. We just need to kick it off on the right foot. I quite excited about this ^_^

Lanlords Gaming will be holding its first lockdown on July 25th. We all plan on attending that and then the very next day jet off to Parma for the tourney there. It gonna be quite a busy day but it gonna be so much fun! We definitely hoping to take a ton of pictures and stuff. I know is a bit disappointed so I dunno if she gonna come down or not. These days I just wanna spend as much time with as possible.

I just sitting here encoding the Pop Live 2 videos which is an absolute pain right now because CDex doesn wanna cooperate and EDDIE ISN PICKING UP HIS CELL PHONE FOR THE BILLIONTH TIME WHICH IS REALLY URKING ME AT 3 IN THE MORNING!.: zZzZz :. It was hella fun. Nike Air Max 2015 Dames I was tired but I just didn wanna sleep. Talked to for an hour on and off and talked with Phillip on the phone for about an hour too. I looked for Click B wallpapers but later regret putting it up over my IIDX one puts it back. called and asked if I wanted to pick him up from work and then go to get breakfast. Ah yeah, some we haven done for quite a long time so of course I went ^_^ We got a special pizza made and then we headed off to McDonald for some breakfast. It was a pretty nice morning. It stopped raining when I got halfway to Big Bear and didn rain until now. It a dreary day but not too bad. I work 5 to 11 tonight but I wanna go back up to hang with and Ben so I dunno when I be going back. Probably 1 or 2am when Mike goes to bed. Also depends on the weather. If not tonight then tomorrow night.

looks at her previous entry I gotta stop having these ups and downs!!! >

Onto some kewl news. I finally got the second Pop Live disc all sync and ready to go. All I have to do is splice up the vids and then yay!!!.: A More Serious Rant :. Yeah that just what I need. So I got through that. I just hope that it back up.

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