So this was just a little quick rap I did for fun & It's called Crazed.

The lyrics & Vocal's are written & Sang by me, The musical instrumental in the background is not mine, but I have all rights to use it.

This was made & sang by Amy Lee Carter- TheMindless Cannibal

I'll jump on the mic, Like a rapist, Show you why, I'm the greatest
All you b**** M.C's are brainless, If you believe that you'll make it
I guess I'll have to explain it, You'll never become famous,
You're so under-educated, I bet your parents are blood related
I suggest you shut your braces and leave it to me to rock the stages
You take ages, tying your laces let alone spit your tasteless
music that you've created, Leave it to me your unable to give the rap
Game anal)

C. Stands for crazy
R. Recreating
A. I'm amazing
Z. I'm so zany.
E. I'm entertaining
D. Improving daily
My Names Crazed you've heard great things It only explains why you
hate me

I'm crazed and Mindless
I'm not that stylish
but my rhymes have mileage
and your flow is silage
Since we've coincided, I have decided
not to show you any kindness
this is rap at its finest
All these lyrics are timeless, My skill leaves everybody silent
Then the cheering wake the mayans, The vibration will break
Your hymen
Losing your virginity to my rhymin'
Your vagina bleeds, Not realisin' You're boyfriend will beat
you for lyin, My flow stops, Baby's cryin
I guess you could say "it spoils ivan" I'm not afraid to Be
Defiant, I'll rule the world, without tryin'.
My lyrics release your depression, It free's you from aggression
I'll open up a new dimension, Decrase the feeling of tension
it will no longer be present, Believe me its refreshing,
My lyrics are hot, yours are tepid, I'll cut you like gillette did

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