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Hi, everyone. Again, my name is Jessica and I'm asking for your honest commentary. Brutally honest if it need be. I want to know if I have a decent enough voice to try and pursue singing or if I should just finally move on from my secret dream of being a singer. Also, I again apologize for the stiffness and nervousness :/ and the odd faces I make when I sing XD I am still quite nervous. Thanks in advance for your help. "Frozen" and its songs are AWESOME and someone suggested that I have a voice that could be used for a Disney princess or other character, so here I am. I do not own this song selection.

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Comment by cheyenne naomi balint on April 7, 2014 at 11:10am

yeah I love it :) I think you did really good with this song and you should try some more Disney songs and she how they go for you like maybe "part of your world" by the little mermaid :)



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