Hi, everyone. Again, my name is Jessica and I'm asking for your honest commentary. Brutally honest if it need be. I want to know if I have a decent enough voice to try and pursue singing or if I should just finally move on from my secret dream of being a singer. Also, I again apologize for the stiffness and nervousness :/ and the odd faces I make when I sing XD I am still quite nervous. Thanks in advance for your help. I do not own this song selection.

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Comment by cheyenne naomi balint on January 21, 2014 at 8:28pm

I like your voice i think you got something...... But i think your voice type goes more towards musicals and or maybe even a voice over for a Disney cartoon character meaning a Disney Princess or some type of singing type of cartoon character. I also think that you need a little help with strengthening and controlling your vocals.Maybe look in to getting a few lessons with a vocal coach. Besides that i like your voice and think you have a good chances of doing something with your voice. :)


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