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Happy valentines day! <3 where is the love yall?

Where is the love? well personally, I've been feeling a lot of love lately in all forms, just from the world and humanity in general SOOO I hope v-day was about love yall! All forms of love, because love is prob the most powerful entity..Let love overturn hate, overpower evil, let love fuel understanding, forgiveness for one another...and aside from the cheesiness, for all the lovers out there, hope yall made LOTS of <3 tonight ;) ahahah


I actually was at the Ne-yo concert…


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Reality is simply rooted in perception...seems like an oxymoron, considering different people have different perceptions, thus making it variable and subjective. yet, that is the beauty of reality--it is based on perception and attitude and therefore is what YOU make of it. you always have the power to alter your reality. SIEMPRE.hallelujah holla back <3

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