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Hey im Taylah check out my youtube video   : singlivedance123   its my first one so its a bit rusty but yeah ill get there, haha :P xx     <3 T

Hey im Taylah check out my youtube video


: singlivedance123


its my first one so its a bit rusty but yeah ill get there, haha :P…


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Rebecca Black

Why does everyone hate Rebecca Black ? I mean i dont understand .
Comment if you know why or voice your own opinion . Thanks :D !

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Waiting for info

My life is very exciting right now. a lot of open ended oppertunities....

I am ambitiously trying to pursue my dream in being an actress and singer.

I currently have 2 pending auditions, and i am auditioning for a third. and i am really excited abut that. though one of them is for modeling. But this is the first successful company that i have heard of, so i thought: what the heck!!! so now i am waiting for the company to email me back with the information!




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i'm new here! anyone want a back up dancer or choreographer?? i'm your girl!!

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New to ARK

I'm sitting here trying to figure out the perfect way to describe what it is I want from ARK.


I love music. I adore it. It is worshiped, adored, and infatuated to the brink of human endurance. Seeing some of the talent on this site makes me..concerned for it.


I don't wish to disrespect ARK in any way, but seeing the attention it's garnered has me worried that they don't know what to exactly do. They have a lot of talent on their hands, but it's being masked in…


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Im so happy i always wanted to be a singer i always sang at school plays i sing everyday non stop now finally its my time to shine wish me luck!!

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how to become

how do I become one of the artist, I really want to be published and my parents are willing to pay any amount of money for it! if ark or anyone who knows about this could contact me, that would be great!:)


I was in honors chorus so I think I can sing!

Added by mtchuindjo on March 21, 2011 at 4:59pm — 1 Comment


So last night i got an email saying i was going to be featured in the auditions for Simon Cowell's The X Factor. So if you guys see me on the show please vote for me<3 Thank a lot

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About Me.

Hey! I'm Ryan Pugh and I'm from Minnesota. I'm 15 years old and I produce music as a hobby and figured I'd branch out a little. My names pronounced like the sound effect from star wars. "Pew Pew" lol =). I'm more of a R&B/Soul kind of producer, but I can manage all types of music. I think I should be doing more Pop music =). I do use lyrics sometimes, but not that often, considering my voice is changing (dang puberty) and doesn't really sound good. I hate auto-tune, unless if it's from… Continue

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love is hard

they call this love the best they call this love the best... who ever knew ide come to pass this test... ohh wait lets take a mintue cuz we know we i failed... who would ever know what this love would entail...... i guess your the emaill... im just junk mail..... call me a geek cuz im a EPIC fail.....But your more than just a person your girl of my dreams... i wish i ould sleep forever... but forever is not what it seems...... you coach my heart like a soccer team... and even if freinds is what… Continue

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im a music writer tell me what you think my love songs

lily song 2/17/2011

They say love is blind but I can see clearly... your an angel with wings something I hold dearly... and sometimes I get you mad but I sincerely apologize ... I just need to hear your voice and im alive... you can be mean but I suvive... just send a smile my way and im revived..the kissing that we share last for hours ill never get board of you. .. ill even call you in the shower... I must be an exponet cuz you show me the power. Or just call me the knight… Continue

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Do yourself a favor and pay attention in school

Listen doll, you have heard this, I'm sure,  but your music is horrible. If you give your voice and music a break for a good 5-10 years you will have a better chance and more experience. My friends and I are all in the acting, modeling, music, and entertainment industry and we have downloaded your music to our phones and MP3 players. The soul purpose of buying your work, is just to prank each other. I hope you will take the criticisms  you are given and learn from them. Good luck, and don't … Continue

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Final Goodbye

Listen to me.

Hear me out.

I got something to say to you.

I'm not your tin-ker toy.…


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singing in my room i cant wait till i become a singer! i have bin waiting forever but i know the day will come i love singing

singing in my room i cant wait till i become a singer! i have bin waiting forever but i know the day will come i love singing Continue

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Hey guys!

Hey guys! So my name is Kaitlyn and I'm 15! I just joined Ark Music Factory because I saw it online and was super stoked because music is one of my passions! I hope to have a career in the music or entertainment industry one day. I'll try to figure this site out and post some videos and things so please comment and let me know what you think!


Kaitlyn xoxo

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hey guys i have just come up with some lyrics pointless really i am not gonna get noticed by ark


song name : forgiven

 u forgive to let go but no-oh-oh you won't forgive me-eeee-eeee…


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I've Always Love Music, Acting, Dancing, Modeling, Clothing. I Really Never Pursued Any Of It Because I'm Always Scared That What If I Don't Make It Then What Will I Do. Now That I'm Older I Learned That I Have To Take Chances Even If People Don't Stand By Me On This Journey I'm Scared That I Won't Be Doing Something That I Love Tell I'm Old Though, But I Still Have To Take Chances. So Going To Start Taking Chances And Doing What I Love…


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About emPres

EmPres began showing interest for the spotlight at the age of three when he caught the attention of a modeling agent in a shopping mall just being his assertive self.  He landed several print ads and commercial bookings with Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Parisians, Upton’s, Service Merchandise, Fisher Price, Hot Wheels, and The Atlanta…


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First BLOG!!!~~~

Figuring out what this website is...just joined today. -W-

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Post your comments here: Lexi St. George - Dancing to the Rhythm



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