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G.A.G.E - S.O.P The Leaks Part 2 Street Album

G.A.G.E - S.O.P The Leaks Part 2 'Street Album' @gagemoney

Featuring: JABAR



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Fame - The Hybrid Season (Mixtape)

Fame - The Hybrid Season @theferrarifame




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She is really good! and she can be Famous! I really believe it!!


Please watch and comment!!


Thank y'all! 





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my life

my life seems like a puzzle/ i have to hustle/ for wat i earn/ god damm i didnt know life was hard/ but yet i wanna be a star/ witch is twice is hard/ well imma switch/ tht because i was made for this/ cant dis this moment/ cause it could be my last/my life is flying by to fast/felt like yesterday i learned how to walk/ and now i got the chalk/ drawing out my planes/ because i dont feel like going insaine/ imma keep looking up to god/ to give me that number one spot/

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never letting go

yea imma stay real strong/even if u try to bring me down/ u cant drown me/ because im never letting go/ never letting go/ cause imma alwalys be in control/ even if it feels like im living on the block / ur girl want my d***/ but imma say f*** it/ cause i  got a dream/ and i wanna reach it/ just gotta stick to it like u glue/ yea u aint got a clue how nice my rap game is/ if u say it crap/ i guess im just two steps of head of u/ and u follwing behind me/ and never letting go never letting/ so…


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About myself

Hi my name is Annelies Meeuwsen, but my artist name is Destiny Tyler. I love to act, dance and sing. My dream is playing in a movie with Miley Cyrus. I'm still in high school, then I go to Los Angeles for my acting.I follow theatre and dance lessons and singing lessons soon. In my spare time I play piano and guitar a little. I like to spend time with my friends and hang out.




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Rebecca Black's new song!

Heyo everybody!

Rebecca Black has a new song called -My Moment-, and I'm loving it!

The song is about the dream of Rebecca; being a famous singer.

She sings about the highlights of her carreer, but also about the haters, and she is all right in the song, it's her moment!

I have to be honest, -Friday- wasn't really great, but without that song, she would came that far, but she is a lot better now.

I have one message to Rebecca; stay strong, you are my idol…


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Well i joined this site so MAYBE me my cuzins and a friend can get noticed for our singing! We all love singing! And im just hoping  we find what were looking from with Ark Music Factory. Go check out our youtube! :D (MsJassyD)https://www.youtube.com/user/MsJassyD?feature=mhee

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About Me

Hey guys, i am new here so i am going to look at everything first before i upload videos. Now i love to sing so i would love to show you guys what i got ttyl

                                     Peace, and Love You <3

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o yeaaa

well ermmm first blog post .... im not gunna usually be writing this im going to be going video logs and iNenatv episodes sooo yeaa :D

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How many?

Hey (: how many of you guys are trying out for the new Ark Star contest?? :D

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Check Out My Origanal Song! :)



Check out my origanal song, Moving On by kayla dahl.

copyrights 2011

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Whats Up?

Hey everyone at Ark!


Ive had mixed feelings about joining but then I thought, "Dont worry about what others think, it's what I thought that mattered." So here I am, I really just want to go into this business and the Entertainment business as a whole, so this might be the best place to start. Well Im friendly so if anyone needs a friend or just someone to talk to, hit me up and i'll be here! Thanks



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Hi,Im Matt.

Im Matt im 16 years old.I love to sing been singing for years.I love to dance.Im a actor and artist ive written a few songs.Im on youtube \MattMrAmzingMJFan
Add me on Facebook.
Im also interested in photo shoot's.
Well thats all for now Lets talk (:

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Live Your Dreams


My Name is Kayla I'm 14, and I live in Huntersville NC. I have always sang since I was little. Always singing along with the Disney princess movies pretending I had the beautiful voices from the movie and that I was that princess. I have been in several musicals and has loved every minuet of it. I want to be singer someday, Not for the fame or money, but so I can show other girls that if they pursue there dreams they can do whatever they want. I am not…


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Whats Your Fav Artist?

Hey guys! Who do you love most?

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hello my name is cheyenne johnson im 15 and love to have fun .i love music so much its fun to me well im bored alot

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First of

This is indeed very exciting for me to start my own page on Ark Music Factory. 

This is an amazing opportunity and heck yes I'm going to use it! 

If you like what I post, you are also welcome to follow me on tumblr:





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Me, Myself, and I

Nobody's PerfectEveryone always looks at people from their outside. I hate the fact that if you CAN sing, your expected to be your best 24/7, and never screw up. Well, NEWSFLASH people, NOT EVERYBODY'S PERFECT. At school, there are these girls who we (we as in: REAL people) call the plastics. Let's call them... oh, idk, Rio-na and Femmaline. They don't get the fact that if you are rude to… Continue

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