I'm like an angel with her wings torn away a fire swelling deep in side a bay
a heart tearing everything apart are you questioning my soul deep part
im like the kiss in middle of the night just like the heart that made you take flight
he took my wings from me and all of my sight now i glide alone all thru the night

just as the dawn breaks away i know no more time i must go away
into the arms the heavenly arms i stay with a man so far away he barley knows my name
heavenly arms i call them day and night sought for for only i can take flight
a fallen angel to scream my sorrows calm a night i shall never forget that we became one
the morning i shall never forget he left me in the storm

head my word for you should know love is indeed a poisonist arrow which you risk to let it hit you and befall its spell its worth the fall indeed it is but in the end was it ever worth it at all

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