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So I have been thinking about shoes other than Tucker's sneakers he wears with his braces. He is not wearing his braces (AFO) day long yet so is he supposed to be wearing shoes around in public when not in braces? Is it weird to have him just in socks? This is my first child and I am not sure what is appropriate for his age and add in the sb and I just put the boy in socks. :) Should I be buying anything else for summer?

(sidenote: went to kids foot locker just in case they had a sneaker that by chance was wide enough. It was one of those moments where Tucker's SB smacked me in the Cheap Nike Air Max 2016 face. I realized I probably wouldn't ever be buying some of those cute little grover shoes. Big deal? No, but sometimes it takes the smallest thing to remind me of the journey ahead. Nike Air Max 2016 Not trying to be negative at all, just wanted to be honest about this emotional roller coaster we are riding :)

How old is he? About 12 months? I think it's okay for him to wear just socks for awhile longer. I did that with Nate all the time. I also let him go barefoot in the summer when we went out. Probably around 18months 2 years, I started putting shoes on him every time we went out. I guess about the time when every other kid his age was wearing shoes cause they were walking.

I totally hear you about the shoes! I sooo want some of those sesame street new balance shoes! You just have to learn where to go. Of course there's stride rite, but they are sooo expensive. New Balance carries wide and extra wide sizes. You might have to get him measured and then buy some off their web site. I also have good luck with specialty kids' shoe stores. I've been loving New Balance, but last week I had to go buy Nate some shoes that were lighter weight for summer. I went to a specialty store (the people who work there are used to dealing with stuff like this usually) and I actually found some water shoes that are so cute and no one has any idea they're water shoes, and some crocs that work great. The edges of tbe braces broke through after a while, but we got LOTS of time out of them.

Don't get too discouraged about no grover shoes! Lillian is walking around in her strawberry shortcake sneakers right now! Actually, we've found that the character sneakers work best with her braces. What you do is buy ones that are just about right and then rip out the padded sole on inside of the shoe. It makes the shoe box a little bit deeper and lets the braces sit inside a little better. We've gotten almost all of our sneakers at Target we had Dora, princess and now Strawberry Shortcake (from Wal Mart). They're less than $15 per pair, so we can get new ones if they wear out from the braces. Great deal!

We're having a harder time finding "dressy" shoes that she can wear. She's into wearing skirts now and wants glittery shoes like her sisters. I am a Nike shoe lover and have been able get the braces inside of two different pairs. Nike only has one design that come in a wide size but I have been able to fit Christian into styles. New Balance do come in wide sizes and so do K Swiss. I have also been able to fit Chris in several pairs of shoes from Target by removing the padding. I hope this helps.

Kellie (brock's mom) is the one who got the Lands End water shoes. I don't remember what brand Nate's are, and they are all the way upstairs, lol. I just took him to this specialty store and told them I wanted something breathable that would fit over braces, and this is what she came up with. Nate's foot measures about a 5, and these are 7's but they aren't too awfully long on him.

I haven't generally had good luck with just taking the padding out of regular shoes. Nate still has that baby fat on the top of his foot that typically seems to slim down as kids start walking. So he's probably a wide to begin with, then the braces make him an extra wide. I actually have to take the padding out of the extra wides!

Hey, I had the same questions and feelings about taking Lance out with socks no shoes.

The only trouble I've had was that every once in a while I'd get a comment from from a sweet grandparent type person while I was shopping. they'd look at Lance and either say, "Where are your shoes?!" or "Aren't your feet cold young man?!" I'm sure that was mostly because it was winter, and I live in a small town where strangers talk to each other.

Before he got his AFOs, I actually did have a pair of "just for show" shoes I would put on Nike Air Max 2016 Womens him for warmth, or to make other people feel better, or for photo days. Plus, I have always had a thing for baby shoes and didn't want to miss out on that while he was so little.

I'm going to be doing a big shoe hunt here soon, and I am glad to read all these hints!

Some shoes have padding that comes out easily, but many are glued in and you can't take it out until buying it.

Yes, I know those grover shoes! I love them! I have been wanting those for Nate for a long time, and I still get mad that they don't make them in wides. But that's okay. People are always commenting on how cute Nate's shoes are, so I guess I'm still able to find cute ones for him.

I'm not sure the best way to find a shoe store like that. I've mostly gone by word of mouth. A friend here in Louisville told me about this store called Toe Jamz. In Evansville, my MIL knew about a shop that does special shoes for people of all ages with orthotics or who need special sizes. Of course there's always stride rite.

I'm excited about these water shoes because last summer Nate was crawling at the splash park, and his knees were covered by his trunks, but his feet got scratched up really badly. The water shoes we Nike Air Max 2016 got him this year are big enough for him to wear with his braces when the padding is out, then when we go to the splash park, I'll put the padding back in and tighten them up tighter, and they should work without the braces.

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