cauliflower and cabbage help cut risk of stomach cancer

It can be hard to work out what is good for you when scarcely a day goes by without headlines blaring that a foodstuff will give you cancer or prevent it (Oliver Moody writes).

The best way to think about your diet is as tweaking the odds very marginally up or down over the years.

By looking at what very large numbers of people eat and drink and what they die of, scientists are piecing together the food choices that seem to help or hinder the body's defences.

Most of the lessons are unsurprising. Alcohol and salt are no great friends to your health. Eating platefuls of sausages and bacon probably does not help your chances of avoiding bowel cancer. Fruit and vegetables are, on the whole, pretty good things to eat.

Once in a while, however, the number machine spits out something new. A huge survey of the evidence has shown that unglamorous white vegetables significantly cut Ray Ban Aviators Women the risk of stomach cancer.

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