todays the change i see in you
what the hell am i saying theres no change in you
what am i saying now
you dont even exist
but you stand before me eyes full of tears
and i stand before eyes dry
you tell me not to wave or say goodbye
i no longer care i cant help but cry
in fear that one day you wont come back
and ill remeber that
you told me not to miss you
you knew that id cry you told me dont worry one day well fly
and i told you stragiht up
hon' everyone dies
and you said to me yeah and so does our lives
i still dont understand i dont think i ever will answer me this though
when will time tell when its your time to go why move it along faster and take the short road why not wait and follow my signal alls fare in death and love and war under my own cherry blossom we never could have it all let go of my hand!!!!!
you promised youd come back yet you mock my heart in deep facts about my life and my judgements
i never meant to make you crybut you succeded in making mine eyes water and tears undry
and i only cry in the rain so noone can see

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