We've heard the terms "ear candy", "bubblegum pop", etc., I'm sure. But up until now, I haven't really pieced those words together and tried to figure out what it all means. I've come to a conclusion, however.

Ear candy is pleasant to listen to, with fun, bubbly beats, and a happy, upbeat rhythm. The downside? The lyrics often don't mean much at all. For example, listen to Stephen Jerzak's "Cute".

Totally ear candy, right? It's got that adorable, catchy feel, but the lyrics are kinda empty. I'm not saying that's a bad thing at all, (in fact this song is one of my faves), but I'm sure we've also listened to those songs that are so powerful and moving, we need to listen to them in total silence, transfixed by the words, which the artist is belting out with all their soul. Example?

Pure hypnosis. I absolutely love this song (and Relient K)

Also, pretty much anything Adele sings. There's so much meaning, that I think they should be labeled as Ear Honey. Deep, sweet, and good to hear. :^)

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