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ill make your head spin make you delirous like 8 glasses of jin running around you but this aint no class of gym phys ed i leave all my haters dead but its like they zombies they keep coming back till i go and rest but they never guessed that a kid like me would strike back harder each time thought i was gone you out your mine this is my time homie my time to shine took my medicine now haters im lettin them in gonna make every fresstylist out there wanna kill em self and quit because im the sickest kid dont f*** with me you will get hurt im the sun you just been burnt no disses individually until someone says a word of hate to discriminate my race or my raps you think i give a f*** im not going no where because im just a monster truck im the grave digger haters your graves are getting bigger think your fast well im always quicker your bronze im that and a thinker so tick tick dock might wanna reset your watch when will i stop never maybe till i die but even when i do im still the s*** in yo kids eyes when i become famous im changing the rap game and litting flames you ignoramous remember that show raymon well this is different everybody hates me so my lfies a b**** aint it but do you know it (no) will you ever (grow) up to be man enough cant handle us dont mess with us because when you mess with me you are playing with fire and ill make you reitred and my words so sharp they cut you like barbedwire wanna ride you just a paracite love me in the day talk s*** in the night but im in flight im the bird s******* in your eye this win is mine anybody who steps to it must be out their mind

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