Friday a good song for a rainy day today where I am. It's really miserable out, raining cats and dogs, and to my surprise, the supposedly worst song ever perked me up like a shot of caffeine.


No, Friday isn't Beethoven's 9th or the Greatest Rock Classic of all time, but I admit, it does have its time and place as an upbeat party tune. And like one of its founders has stated, it's really no worse a song than much of what gets aired on the radio these days. Furthermore, after having lived there one time, I'm ready to admit that like or hate it, Orange County does indeed have a Culture, every bit that provincial France does or England or Japan. Maybe 'Friday' could lift the spirits of the Japanese people in their recent time of distress.


...Perhaps 'Friday' is Orange County's cultural export to the rest of the world. ;d

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