I love Rebecca Black but others dont??

I just want to ask one question, why do people criticize her for her singing? I think she has alot of talent and a very unique voice..Well not super unique but hes good enough to become a singer. I visited her official video on youtube and so many people are hateful, i spent 8 hours commenting on her video saying "if you dont like it then why watch it?" or "if you dont like listening to it. then why listen to it 20 times ina  row just to "hate it". All her "haters" seriously need to grow up. Thankyou Ark for producing such a great potiental star! Oh yeah..and im going to sing her song after my speech at my school! (:

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Comment by Alexis Gold on May 21, 2011 at 6:37pm
Agreed, I love Rebecca Black. I really wanna meet her


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